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By: Great Russian Gifts  06-Dec-2011
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Welcome to the Great Russian Gifts Home Page! We are your all-in-one source for unique Russian gifts. We are a US company located in the Phoenix AZ area and we have nearly 10 years of experience dealing in authentic and unique Russian gifts. We import our gift items from various parts of Russia. Our product selection includes thousands of different authentic Russian nesting dolls, handmade Christmas ornaments, amber, lacquer boxes, refrigerator magnets, Russian eggs including pysanky, Russian dolls, wooden Santas and other unique handmade gifts and souvenirs. Start your visit with browsing through our truly unique collection of handmade Russian stacking dolls, (aka matryoshka, babushka, babooshka, nested doll, or nesting doll). All of our nesting dolls are handmade and painted by hand in Russia with eco-friendly and safe water-based paints. With hundreds of designs to choose from and with great low prices, you will definitely find the perfect doll that you like.

The timeless charm and elegance of amber is well known worldwide. Amber is acquired and re-sold by the top jewelers and jewelry shops around the world. Great Russian Gifts specializes in the most popular type of natural amber gathered in Baltic region of Russia: Baltic amber. Our line of amber jewelry handcrafted in sterling silver and honey, cherry or green amber represents both tradition and elegancy that will never be out of style. We handpick and inspect every single piece of amber jewelry on our website.

You can also find some of the best examples of the lacquer miniature painting displayed in our lacquer box gallery. Palekh, Fedoskino, Mstera and Kholui style lacquered boxes are still available and wait to impress your loved ones with their extraordinary beauty. Most of these lacquer boxes feature artwork or scenes from famous Russian fairy tales or stories. All of the lacquer boxes we have are Great Russian Gifts exclusive pieces. We guarantee that all of the boxes are one-of-a-kind and truly unique examples of Russian culture and art.

If you are not sure what to give to a child or a friend, our extensive selection of speaking Russian plush toys like cheburashka could be the answer. Cheburashka is the most famous Russian talking doll and all Russians know and love cheburashka. The cheburashka clearly “speaks” nine different friendly Russian phrases, and with its cute angelic eyes, it is hard not to fall in love with this exotic creature. Cheburashka is definitely a Russian doll that everyone will enjoy regardless of age.

You can also discover the charm of old Russia through our collection of authentic handmade Christmas ornaments. Our unique collection of Christmas craft ornaments can turn any Christmas tree into a one-of-a-kind delight. You can start a personal collection or a family collection of handmade ornaments from the individually sold matryoshka-style handmade ornaments, or you could purchase an entire ornament set. In an ornament set, nearly nine Christmas tree ornaments are stored inside a large single babushka doll. Unlike traditional Christmas stores that often have wide assortment of glass or plastic mass produced ornaments, Great Russian Gifts specializes in handmade ornaments that are available in very limited quantities and often could not be found anywhere else.

If you are looking for a small complementary gift, please consider our painted broach collection, ceramic netsuke or refrigerator magnets that come in both animal style and babushka style. Each refrigerator magnet is shaped like an animal or a nesting doll. Surprise your loved ones with one of our netsuke figurines, a Russian themed miniature ceramic sculpture originated in 17th century Japan. Hand painted flower lacquer broaches are both beautiful and elegant; these broaches are another great gift idea that will fit anyone's budget.

Popular Soviet collectibles such as a Russian fur hat, (also known as ushanka) and a Soviet themed flask seem to always be in fashion; instead of losing their appeal, these items are often the most desirable gifts. Ushankas were a common part of the Soviet army's winter uniform. Now this famous Russian hat is one of the most stylish items from the Soviet era (with a practical use too). Another popular Soviet attribute is a stainless steel flask. Being both stylish and versatile, our Soviet and Russian themed flasks will get your friends attention they deserve.

We update our products and our Home Page frequently with seasonal gifts and specialty items. Please check back and see for yourself why we are truly your all-in-one source for unique Russian dolls, gifts and collectibles.

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