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By: Great Lengths  05-Apr-2012
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Environmental damage from the sun, pollution, water and even the air we breathe results in the formation of free radicals. Free Radicals cause significant cellular breakdown which leads to aging and illness. Our hair is also susceptible to premature aging resulting in hair loss, dryness and greying. Luckily there is a way to slow down the impact of free radical damage and regenerate the hair. The new hair care system from Great Lengths incorporates potent active ingredients which contain free radical fighting antioxidants, restorative vitamins and hydrating oils.

The New Dual-Active-System by Great Lengths

As hair increases in length, it increases in age and with constant exposure to environmental damage, the use of professional hair care becomes vital. However excessive product use can be just as detrimental to the health of your hair as insufficient care. The new hair care system by Great Lengths incorporates dual-active-sensors that firstly assess the hair's requirements and supply the hair with the right level of regeneration where it needs it the most. Secondly, this unique system equips the hair with a protective shield to limit any further damage.

Shampoos for Hair Extensions

Daily Moisturizer Shampoo

Perfect for all hair types, this gentle Daily Moisture Shampoo adds moisture to slightly dry tips and balances scalp environment. Active ingredient GSP-T® protects hair against environmental damage and premature aging. AQUARICH® repairs damage to the outer cuticle, increases volume and gives hair maximum shine while reducing static. ALOE VERA leaves hair silky yet manageable with a pH of 5.5. 1000ml, 250ml, 50ml.

Colour Reflex Shampoo

Formulated specifically for colour-treated hair, Colour Reflex Shampoo contains active ingredient SOLAMER GR8 which protects both tinted and bleached hair, as well as natural hair colour from colour fading and UV damage. Colour remains incredibly intense with exceptional shine. Amino Acids leave hair silky and soft. Antioxidant rich GSP-T® protects hair from environmental stress and damaging free radicals. 1000ml, 250ml.

Structure Repair Shampoo

Structure Repair Shampoo was specially developed for dry, brittle, strained and unmanageable hair. PRO-KERATIN penetrates the hair and repairs damaged fibres leaving hair strengthened with long lasting elasticity. PRO-VITAMIN B5 nourishes hair and scalp and seals in the moisture. Complete with GSP-T to destroy free radicals and protect the hair from UV damage, wind and pollution. 1000ml, 250ml.


Conditioners and Treatments for Hair Extensions

Conditioner 60 Seconds

An intense conditioner, ideal for dry, stressed and damaged hair. In only 60 seconds, your hair is repaired and protected for 60 hours! The creamy emulsion improves hair moisture and elasticity. It rinses out easily and will not weigh the hair down. Active ingredient AQUARICH® regenerates hair structure for outstanding shine and volume without static. ALOE VERA and JOJOBA-OIL maintain moisture of the hair and scalp to protect against dehydration. 1000ml, 250ml, 50ml

HairMask Extra Rich

Hairmask Extra rich is a highly effective, hair strengthening treatment for dry, brittle, stressed and unmanageable hair. The main active ingredient PRO-KERATIN rebuilds damaged protein fibres and restores hair quality. The scalp and hair are enriched by PRO-VITAMIN B5 while antioxidant rich GSP-T® reverses dryness and damage caused by sun exposure, wind and air pollution. 200ml.

Anti-Tap Water

The pH-value of 3,2 in Antitap Water contracts the cuticle layer of the hair. This makes Antitap Water the ultimate product to use after conditioning, treatments or masks, hair extension application or removal. PANTHENOL injects moisture and promotes flexibility. BIOTIN revitalises and balances the scalp and hair. GSP-T® antioxidant complex fights free radicals and prevents premature hair aging due to environmental stresses. 1000ml, 250ml.

Protector Instant Care Spray

Perfect for all hair types, Protector Instant Care Spray makes hair manageable and tangle free. Use as a leave in conditioning spray with colour locking properties. Boosts curls and waves. SOLAMER GR8 maintains vibrant natural and cosmetic hair colour. GSP-T® protects against free radical damage. 200ml, 50ml.


Styling and Finishing Products for Hair Extensions

Serum Hair Fluid

Serum Hair Fluid with ARGAN-OIL creates a velvety soft shimmer on all hair types without leaving hair greasy. TIGER NUT OIL adds additional light reflection and protection from free radicals. Use Serum Hair Fluid for hair that is soft and flexible, with increased volume. 50ml

Super Shiny Spray

Supershine Spray gives your hair incredible shine instantly. Reduces frizz and smooths dry ends for static-free hair with superior radiance. Perfect for dry hair that needs added softness and shine.

Pearl Gloss Styler

The Pearlgloss Styler is an incredibly versatile styling crème. Use it on all hair types for adding texture, moulding, sleeking hair back or defining waves and curls. Hours after styling, hair stays wonderfully manageable and frizz free. Vitamin B5 and Sorbitol strengthen and protect the hair and prevent loss of moisture. Light reflecting crystals give hair additional gloss and shimmer.

Soft Finish Spray

The perfect product to finish off your everyday style, Softfinish Spray gives hair stability in wind and also in high humidity. This multipurpose styling spray will give your hair extra volume or a smooth silky finish depending on the application. Results are natural yet vibrant, enabling the style to hold without being weighed down.

Travel Kit/ Starter Kit

Three great minis for a more beautiful holiday! Your Great Lengths essentials perfectly packaged in travel size bottles and a handy box for when you‘re on the move.
Or an introductory pack to three great products.

Satin Pillowcase

Sleep on a satin pillowcase so that hair can move freely. This ensures that you wake up with less tangles and knots.

Microfibre Head Wrap

The microfibre head wrap dries hair 30% faster reducing frizz.

Hair Extension Brushes

Great Lengths hair extensions require a soft bristle brush that will not get caught in the synthesized protein bond. Great Lengths brushes can get close to the scalp which avoids matting around the bonds.

Professional Products for Hair Extensions

Clean Remover Shampoo:

We recommend Clean Remover Shampoo for in-depth cleansing prior to all hair extension application services. Accumulation of dust, air and water pollutants or residue of styling products can affect optimal bond fusing if not removed with Clean Remover Shampoo. Active ingredient FLEXAN II® provides clarifying cleansing agents while protecting the scalp and hair structure. GSP-T® protects against free radicals. The pH-value 5.5 is gentle on the scalp.

Bond Ex Gel:

The Bond-Ex-Gel from Great Lengths is specially developed for the easy removal of Great Lengths synthesized protein keratin bonds. This product should be used by professionally trained Great Lengths technicians only.

GSP-T - lasting cell protection.

GSP-T is a patented active ingredient which contains high concentrations of proanthocyanidins. These potent antioxidants are extracted from Swiss "Pinot Noir" grape seeds. Scientific research shows that the power of GSP-T is 50 times stronger than Vitamin E and 20 times stronger than that of Vitamin C. GSP-T protects the hair against daily environmental stress, prevents dehydration, locks in hair colour and prevents fading and restores softness and natural radiance.

AQUARICH - Strengthening Care

The active components of AQUARICH are Black Oats extract and plant-based Lecithin. Both ingredients contain a high level of water retentive substances and hair smoothing properties. A moisture barrier forms on the hair and not only protects the hair from dehydration but strengthens its own natural moisture element. Additional polysaccharides and amino acids from these ingredients improve the hair's surface structure, smoothing rough scales and reducing tangles dramatically.


This active ingredient protects natural and cosmetic hair colour by counteracting UV damage and colour fading via sun exposure. This UV absorbing polymer reduces hair colour fading by over 50% without decreasing tensile strength. SOLAMER GR8 ensures long lasting intense, vibrant hair colour.


Pro-Keratin is a selected combination of amino acids and proteins which deeply penetrate the hair and rebuild damaged fibres. Porosity is improved leaving the hair with increased resilience and shine.


A vital part of the well known B-Complex, Biotin provides nourishment and promotes natural balance of the scalp while strengthening the hair.


Argan-oil derived from the nut of the Moroccan argan tree. It offers unbelievable light reflection and delivers extra shine without leaving the hair greasy. Vitamins and fatty acids in Argan-oil have incredible healing properties and protect against UV and environmental damage.


Extremely gentle yet ultra effective, Flexan II was developed specifically for the removal of adhesive particles. Thoroughly removes coats of styling products and stubborn dust.

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