Commercial Fit Outs Frequently Asked Questions

By: Gravity Fit Out  06-Dec-2011

Here are some questions that you may have…

So what do I pay for? You pay for the products that you purchase, at a very competitive price, that’s it! If you would like us to install the products, for a nominal fee, we can do that too.

So if I’m only paying for the products, what else do I get? When you purchase your fitout requirements from Gravity, this is what you get thrown in for FREE

  • Expert advice at the planning and inception stage
  • Design input and workable solutions gained from industry experience
  • Expertise in product sustainability and procurement
  • One point of contact for all of your fitout requirements, this means personalised service, one person capable of making decisions for your benefit
  • Total management of the FFE from the planning stage to the completion of the project, including installation if required
  • One point of invoicing for all your FFE requirements

So I’m only paying for the products, I’m getting all that advice and expertise for free, why wouldn’t I use Gravity for my fitout requirements? This is the question that answers itself…

Why would you use anybody else for your fitout requirements?