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By: Grant Symons  05-Apr-2012

Outcome driven

I help my clients achieve the outcomes they need by providing independent advice that helps them solve problems and achieve their own understanding of what they need to do and how. I help them get ahead by focussing on the right solutions not set methodology.


I work with my client’s people, partners, suppliers and contractors to ensure that planning and implementation is logical and has buy-in. I build and maintain trusting relationships and team cohesion, being completely independent helps.

Whole systems approach

A whole systems approach helps ensure that my clients create strategy, structural design and programmes that are integrated make sense and have a high probability of success. I bring a pathfinder orientation and a concern for people and production that helps with the creation of a balanced approach to in flight risk management and achievement of productivity.


I am connected to network of quality professionals and contractor resources that can be bought to each project. Skills include strategy, human resources, information technology, business analysis, communications, facilitation, marketing, organisational psychology, programme office, project and programme management.