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By: Graffitiman  05-Apr-2012
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Canterbury Earthquake

It’s been a hell of year and a half and the Graffiti Mans thoughts go out to the families and friends that lost loved ones.

After the shake in Febuary GraffitiMan was down for awhile but is back in force now.

It’s great to see Cantabrians pulling together and showing true grit and pride in our city. Our city will never be the same as it was but we have the opportunity to start afresh and have a new and unique city.

The Taggers after the shakes did disappear for awhile but they are now back in force and the Graffiti Man has been busy once again. With so many buildings having being pulled down the Taggers didn’t have as many areas to Tag but now with the rebuild starting they are once again coming out of the wood work and defiling our great city. Never fear because the Graffiti Man is here!

There is many things that we can do to help bring your propertys back to the way they meant to look like waterblasting also we do have a small team of painters on hand to quickly bring back the property to the way its meant to look. After a good waterblast everything looks great plus nothing like a good paint to make the place look better.

Some of the other things that we can off is the 3m window safety film, this stuff can really save lives as you will see in the photos below if more buildings had this installed on their windows then flying glass would have been at a minimum. It’s my belief with the new building codes coming in this will be one of the things that will have to be on all buildings. Just not any type of cheap film but the 3m window film as its the only one out there that will hold glass to it when something likes this happens. As you will find a photo here were the cheap film has been used but still dropped the glass from it.

New Glass Scratch Removal Techniques

Graffiti Man does it again and again! We are now the only company in New Zealand that offers a full range of graffiti protecion, now including glass scratch removal. We are now offering glass scratch removal and anti-graffiti glass protection. Our superior glass scratch removal techniques are not only cost effective they are enviromentally friendly and can restore the glass to near new condition. Our glass scratch removal offers minimal disruption to your business and by applying anti-graffiti film you are further ensuring continual prevention of this anti-social problem.

All of our glass scratch removal and anti-graffiti protection products are recommended by leading insurance agencies and can offer addtional benefits such as UV and anti-fade protection.

For all our anti-graffiti protection we only use the best known in New Zealand – 3M. Not only are we 3M qualified installers we have the backing of 3M manufacturers guarantee for 5 years. We are proud to be affiliated with 3M as one of the worlds leading recognised brands.

As we stated yet again Graffitiman has done it again and again. We have taken a national contract in graffiti removal and protection of huge proportion. We have been entrusted as that we are seen as the number one graffiti-removal and protection company in New Zealand. We have proven ourselves as being number one choice by a national company as their preffered supplier in graffiti removal and anti-graffiti products, and we are proud to be associated with this prestigious company. Through this contract we have been selected by yet another multi-national company to remove graffiti and provide them with anti-graffiti solutions.

This has been done through consisitant excellence in graffiti removal and proving our anti-graffiti products work time and time again. We do this through constant vigilance of our clients building removing graffiti from our anti-graffiti coatings. Which has proven that graffitiman’s system of anti-graffiti protection and removal and now with window scratch removal will be successful, as we will be as vigilant with our window scratch removal services that we are now providing our commercial and residential customers. Graffitiman will not sleep until all scratching on glass is removed from Christchurch. We are going to make it our personal mission to remove all scratching on windows.

Graffitiman is not resting on his lorrels anymore and taking the fight to the graffiti artists. Through our advertising we ahve been highly succesful in reducing the graffiti problem in christchurch, and increasing the awareness that Graffitiman is your one stop solution to graffiti in Christchurch.

With Graffitiman’s latest promotion of anti-graffiti products and free graffiti removal has been highly successful and recieved by the residents of Christchurch New Zealand. If our anti-graffiti systems and graffiti removal systems are anything to go by we will be number one in the Christchurch area for all anti-graffiti and graffiti removal systems.

We do more than just Remove Graffiti

Thats right we do alot more than remove graffiti , we’re a one stop shop for everything.
We only use top qualty products like 3m anti graffiti scratch window film but we also do window tints as well, window frosting, moss and mould removal.

Something that i cant sell enough of and press the importance is anti graffiti sealant because its winter does not mean we cant do it, it is the best defence against graffiti along with using graffitiman checking your building and removing on the day it happens.

Also with our new system at removing graffiti from brick and concrete,most cases you dont know that it was even there.
Theres not many companies in New Zealand that can say that!

As I have said before we are the one stop shop for anything anti graffiti.

In most cases we have reduce the graffiti on someones building down to nothing with our systems and products I can say we will reduce your graffiti problem.

Yes we have also started our advervising campain all i will say is we wont be beaten on price on removing graffiti and anti graffiti systems not only are we the best price in town but we follow it up with the best service too!

So if your thinking graffiti prevention think “Graffitiman”

Cleaning up Christchurch with Graffiti Removal

Over the last few months graffitiman has done an unbelievable amount of work in the area of graffiti removal and anti graffiti sealant. It has been fabulous having our newly developed system to remove off  brick and concrete surfaces, The results are amazing.

The amount of anti graffiti sealant applied this summer has been phenomenal and now more than ever a lot of graffitiman sealant is on buildings and ever increasing amount of it on homes around christchurch. It has been great to see homeowners entrusting our sealant to their fences and being able to remove graffiti the next morning themselves. The old saying happy customers makes a happy graffitiman. Don’t tell me guys tell your friends what the graffitiman has done for you.

  Believe me we won’t be beaten on 3m anti graffiti window film. As you know 3m is the world leader in window film that is scratch resistant and this is the cheapest way to stop the window vandals.

If your tired driveway or patio needs a recoat or a complete new look,  think graffitiman.

So if your thinking graffiti prevention think Graffitiman Christchurch for all of your graffiti removals.

Anti Graffiti System/ Anti-Graffiti Sealant

Anti Graffiti prevention has been the big job with several high profile companies choosing to have anti graffiti sealant applied to their buildings.

This is great news for the graffiti man,  as this is the best way to remove graffiti quickly and easily, so not only do the owners save money but also quick graffiti removal slows and eventually stops the vandilism.

With the surfaces covered with anti graffiti the owners can relax and have faith that the graffiti Mans anti graffiti system will keep their surfaces Graffiti free and looking prestine.

Graffitiman does it again!!!

The graffiti man does it again!  With the days lightening up now there is no rest for the expert in graffiti removal. A residential address had been a victim of malicious graffiti which had to be removed as quick as possible. This was a calculated attack that was no problem for the graffiti man to fix and so within an hour of the initial phone call the problem was fixed and all at no expense to the homeowner. Why? check your insurance policy as you may not even have to pay an excess on a claim. In fact the graffiti man is well known among most large insurance companies and because of the relationship was able to organise and have the claim accepted within 30 mins of the customer phoning! So the customer had the problem fixed at no stress and no cost -who said you don’t get anything for free. That is why the graffiti man is the expert in graffiti removal.

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