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Highest Quality guaranteed

It is the policy of Gourmet Gold to only offer the current years saffron harvest as threads. Saffron will keep for many years but as with most spices the potency of colour and flavour will slowly diminish over time. We would recommend that you, as the cook, look for fresh saffron for your cooking and buy in quantities that reflect your annual usage. Gourmet Gold Saffron products are currently available online or from our stall at Marlborough Farmers Market between November and May.

Saffron Threads

Gourmet Gold Saffron, high quality saffron threads grown in New Zealand and sold directly to you. The threads are always from the most recent harvest and therefore have the full complement of flavour, colour and aroma. You can be guaranteed an excellent result when you use these saffron threads in your cooking. Recipe sheets are provided with both the saffron threads and the saffron infusion.

per 1/2 gramme pack $12.50

per 1 gramme pack $21.50

A sheet of recipes is included with both of these packs.

Bulk Saffron Threads

For the serious cook or chef using saffron regularly we offer bulk prices. These packs include a mixture of thread lengths but the flavour, aroma and colour of the saffron is identical to the above.

These packs do not have recipes included as we are sure you will have quite a collection of your own.

Saffron Infusion

Saffron is always infused before being introduced to a recipe. With this product we have taken that step on your behalf. Each 50ml bottle contains 0.5 g of saffron infused in a wine juice base. Just one teaspoon (or more to your taste) added to chicken or fish casseroles, bread or cakes, rice or pasta dishes will impart the famous saffron colour and flavour to your cooking in a very easy and spontaneous way.

per 50ml bottle $12.00

Saffron Aioli

This smooth dressing is the most popular product Gourmet Gold Saffron produces. Its' creamy consistency and golden colour with hints of garlic, red wine and the subtle underlying flavour of saffron gives it a unique place among dressings. Use it as a dip (by itself or mixed with cream cheese etc), as a side dressing for sweet fish such as salmon or crayfish, as a spread, as a dressing for broccoli, asparagus or new potatoes or to add flavour to pasta sauces etc.

per 200ml jar $8.00

Lime & Saffron Marmalade

A favourite with lovers of marmalade this product features just limes, sugar, water and saffron. The colour is a rich bronzy gold from the saffron while the taste is a subtle blending of the acidity of the limes, the sweetness of the sugar and the earthiness of the saffron. Once tasted it is an ‘eat and eat again’ delight that reverberates around your taste buds for quite some time. An innovative use by one customer was to rub the marmalade over a pork roast prior to cooking. The verdict was .. delicious!

per 200ml jar $7.50

Saffron & Citrus Curd

We use a variety of citrus fruits in this curd, depending on availability at any one time. The curd is reminiscent of lemon curd but the flavours are softer and with the influence of saffron the flavours linger. A rich golden yellow, the curd can be used in the traditional ways of tart and sponge fillings. It also lends itself to flavouring yoghurt, being dribbled over strawberries with thick cream, being used as a sweet sauce or as a pancake filling with mandarin slices.

per 200ml jar $7.50

Honey Saffron Syrup

This syrup provides the perfect companion for a simple poached pear. The sweetness, smooth consistency and colour enhances the delicate flavour of a pear and combines to produce a dessert ‘par excellence’. Also try it with yogurt or icecream, apples or a steamed sponge pudding.

per 200ml bottle $8.00

Crocus Corms

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