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True beauty is an holistic approach - not just about physical changes, but also having vitality, energy and inner calmness. We have the support and service to assist you throughout your holiday, which leads to an altogether better outcome than you would ever get from a day surgery at home.

The difference you will experience with Gorgeous Getaways is our service. We take care of you during your journey and beyond. We coordinate all your accommodation requirements together with your service, surgery and non-surgical treatments.

Your holiday tailored to your needs - you pick the treatments and procedures you want, the level of accommodation and the total time away, and then leave it to us to organize everything. We make the recovery process as painless as possible, and we are always there for help.

When you are happy with the quote, you can look into your flights (but don't book anything until the surgery date is confirmed). Tell your GG manager the best day and time for you to arrive at your destination. She will then make a booking with the surgeon and hospital for surgery 2 days after your arrival.

After your consultant confirms the surgery date, you confirm your flights and then fill in the booking form, putting all your medical history and flight information down so we can collect you from the airport. At this stage you pay in full for accommodation, but you don't pay anything for your surgery until after your consultation with the surgeon at the hospital. You can pay for your accommodation by credit card or direct deposit.

When you have made your booking, we send you your itinerary as well as all the information that you will need to start you on your way.

Many people travel a few days before their surgery to prepare for their procedures, and relax and de-stress. You can begin your other treatments (dentistry or optical) or pampering (facials, massages, reflexology) as soon as you arrive, which will give your immune system a boost to dramatically improve the results of surgery and decrease recovery time.

You will be met at the airport, chauffeured to your hotel and assisted with check-in. Soon after, you will meet one of our local Gorgeous Getaways managers, who will confirm with you all the details of your holiday, and give you the local contact numbers for Gorgeous Getaways at your destination.

Note about arrival: If you arrive to your hotel room before 8pm (your flight should arrive before 5pm), you will have a Welcome Briefing with your GG representative. You may also have a surgeon consultation, however this is subject to the surgeon's schedule and decision. Any arrivals after 8pm will have a Welcome Briefing the following morning, followed by the surgery consultation. Please allow for the changes in times and organization depending on the surgeon's schedule.

Consultation with the Surgeon

You will meet with your surgeon at a pre-arranged date and time. A Gorgeous Getaways representative will accompany you to all appointments and take you back to your hotel.

This is a final consultation before the surgery to confirm all details, regarding your health and the surgery. If required, final tests - blood test, blood pressure and pulse - will confirm you are in good health for the procedure. This is a comprehensive consultation, which will detail the procedure's details and give you the chance to ask any questions you may have.

Tip: The first consultation is the most important consultation you will have with your surgeon. Be sure to discuss all your questions and make sure that you are happy with the answers. Remember that this is your consultation and your questions, so no question is too small, big or silly! For example, it is a good idea to ask the surgeon to draw on you exactly where the incisions will be, so you can be comfortable with the placement. Often patients are quite nervous so it is a good idea to write down all the questions you have to ask. Breast implant size is extremely important, as we are all very different with the size we want, it is important to be as clear as possible what you want and what you don't want. The more questions you ask, the better!

Surgery day

Gorgeous Getaways will arrange everything for the surgery day, so you don't have to worry about anything except relaxing! We will chaffeur you to the hospital, help you with admissions, and thereafter ensure you are relaxed and comfortable in your room.

You will pay direct to the hospital before admitting, whether by cash, credit card or prepaid by international money transfer. In some cases, you will be admitted to the hospital the night before, if your surgery is early the next morning. The surgeon will let you know your surgery time and when you are to be admitted at your consultation.

Please note about payment: If you haven't supplied photos to GG prior to departure, then your surgery price may differ after your consultation

After your surgery, you will stay in your private ward for the required number of nights. Your surgeon will check on you and change drains or painkillers if required. Don't hesitate to ask your nurses for anything you want.

When the surgeon has discharged you, we will take you back to your hotel and settle you into your room. You will be given medications and a number that you can call 24 hours.

Post surgery care

You will have follow up appointments with the surgeon after your procedure to ensure you are healing and recovering well. This is a very important step to take in the recovery process, which is often unavailable, or expensive, at home clinics.


Your surgeon will advise you of what you can be doing to improve recovery, and creams and medications will be prescribed when necessary.

The first few days after surgery are the most important to get adequate rest and recovery. As usual, should you require anything, our Gorgeous Getaways representative is just a phone call away.

For the first 3 days, you will have nursing help to change the dressings on your wounds. 


Depending on the type and extent of surgery will depend on the recovery time. During this time it is recommended that you simply relax in your room or go for gentle walks.

When you feel better, you can start with other programs - massage, pampering, or very gentle exercise.

As you recover, you can enjoy more options - such as tours and travel, or you may prefer just to relax longer and enjoy the pampering and other many activities available at your hotel or resort. There is always the fantastic shopping at your destination where you can pick up great bargains!

Dental and Optical
Have a root canal treatment that you haven't had the time or money to do at home? Want to ditch your glasses? Or do you simply want to get your teeth whitened to complete the effect? Take advantage of the great prices by getting further dental and optical treatments. All these procedures are at prices far below the cost at home, which makes it very popular to have combined procedures.

Please note: Dental and Optical needs are extremely difficult to accurately quote prior to consultation. Therefore, we can only give you an estimated price before traveling. Once there, you will have a consultation and the specialist will give you options and prices. If you don't receive this quote, please request it. Once you have agreed to the procedure, then you can pay direct to the clinic. All clinics and hospitals take credit card or cash.

The surgeon will tell you your final consultation - he may want to see you a few times to see how your recovery is progressing.

On the last day at your destination, you will be chauffeured from the hotel to the airport approximately 3 hours before your flight departs.

Our support and commitment doesn't end here. If you have any questions or concerns, please do contact us. We will refer any medical questions to the surgeon and get feedback for you. Many procedures change and develop over time, so you will not be able to see the final result for 6-9 months.

We also welcome you to join us at home at our "Get Togethers" that we host around the world.

Quite often clients choose to return after their great holiday, and we extend extra discounts and specials as our way to say 'thank you'.

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This helps with comfort and eases post-surgery pain, as well as providing necessary support for the areas that are healing. The compression helps ease swelling and brusing, and gives more even results, especially in the case of liposuction. You have a choice of garments, although the best garment to wear will be recommended by your surgeon. Garments should be worn as much as possible for at least 6-8 weeks after surgery.


Our Service Packages

Tip: Please book your service package carefully: please choose our Extra Care package if you are nervous and are travelling by yourself, or if you are over 60 or if you have any medical history or problems, this way you will get the peace of mind with the extra support.