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By: Goodlife Advice  05-Apr-2012
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What Investments Should I Own?

You should acquire investments that you will profit from, that you reasonably understand, will suit your current and projected future financial situation and meets your current risk profile and future Net Worth objectives.

What Investments Does Goodlife Recommend?

We specialise in the following:

  • Direct investment - residential investment property and part ownership of commercial real estate.
  • Managed investments - shares, bonds and cash in a managed portfolio where the risk is spread across a number of different investments.
  • Superannuation - KiwiSaver and superannuation savings schemes.

How Do I Make My Decisions?

Our investments answer "Yes" to all of these questions:

  • Is the investment affordable?
  • Will the investment increase in value?
  • Will the investment provide you with income?
  • Is the investment structured in a tax effective manner?
  • Does the investment fit in with your personal situation and risk profile?

Goodlife has well established relationships with the right people, and we produce the right results. If you need investment advice,

Keywords: Financial Advice, Investment Advice, Wealth Creation, Wealth Management

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One in three Kiwis will become disabled for six months or more before the age of 65” “Females between 30 & 64 have a one in four chance of suffering a critical illness” “Two in five males over 30 will suffer a critical illness before they reach 65. Insurance provides business capital and security which will fund the replacement of key people in the business, as well as the loss of profits which may arise from the absence of key personnel.


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Our team of authorised and qualified financial advisers will give you independent financial advice and guidance, designing a financial plan that suits your personal circumstances. Our aim throughout is to help you discover key areas where improvements can be made, and areas where your focus should be continued. If you’ve never used our services before we’ll meet you for a FREE, no obligation Financial Health Check.


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We also tailor personal lending strategies for business premises, accommodation businesses, share portfolio margin lending, business lending, and home equity lending. Spend income on leisure, entertainment and recreation only if you’ve first saved 10% of your net incomes and met all your fixed and essential costs of living.


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In an initial no obligation consultation, a Goodlife adviser will put all these worrying questions at ease as well as uncovering what you truly want to achieve. This alone is a strong reason to plan for your retirement and avoid becoming another statistic in this unfortunate reality. Plan and act to build a portfolio of investments and you will have more money and better choices come retirement.


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Making sure that you have people around you in difficult times that really care about you, that are legally appointed to ensure you have the best quality of life continuing and can still provide income for yourself and family. You have provided for them into the future while simultaneously ensuring that your loved ones have no debt and are left a legacy of freehold assets.