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By: Goldpine  06-Dec-2011
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No matter how you want to contain your livestock, Hurricane wire is built to do the job - and built to last. Whether you are after plain or barbed wire or netting, contact your local Goldpine store for professional advice on the product that is right for you.

In addition to the standard Hurricane product line-up, Goldpine also stock the full Hurricane LifeWire™ Plus range of staples and wire. LifeWire™ Plus is a durable wire that lasts 3-4 times longer than heavily galvanised wire in similar environments. It is highly pliable and self healing - all without compromising the benefits of traditional High Tensile wire. Its active anti-corrosion protection is provided via a combination of 95% zinc and 5% aluminium, which together with the patented application method improves the molecular structure of the wire coating. See your local Goldpine branch for more information on this exciting new product.



Hurricane is one of the few distributors to carry out strict control procedures on all their wire. This includes five separate tests on the wire to ensure the above mechanical properties are maintained:
• Wrap test – to test ability of galvanised coat to stay on wire
• Preece test – to test consistency/density of galvanised coat
• Tensile Strength
• Coat Weight (gms/sqm)
• Wire Diameter

Plain Fencing Wire

Used for all manner of agricultural pursuits, Goldpine stock an extensive selection of Hurricane Plain Fencing Wire.

Barbed Wire

Offering both the Standard Iowa Pattern Barbed Wire, and the High Tensile Reverse Twist Barbed Wire, Goldpine and Hurricane have your requirements covered.

Stay Tight

  • Roll length 100m
  • Stay wire spacings vertical 150mm or 300mm
  • 2.50mm - 12.5 gauge High Tensile Line Wires
  • 2.50mm - 12.5 gauge Medium Tensile Stay Wires
  • 2.24mm - 13 gauge knots

Hinge Joint Netting

Hinge Joint is the original Hurricane fabricated fence, designed to make fencing easy.

  • Roll length 50m or 100m
  • Stay wire spacings 150mm or 300mm
  • 2.50mm - 12.5mm gauge
  • High Tensile Line Wires FFH
  • Medium Tensile Lines
  • Wires FFM
  • 2.50mm - 12.5mm gauge
  • Medium Tensile Stay Wires


Hi-Lite Boundary Fence is constructed using 2.00mm High Tensile V Span long wires and 2.00mm soft stay wires. The galvanising coat weight as with all hurricane products exceeds the New Zealand standard.

Benefits of Hurricane Hi-Lite High Tensile Fabricated Fence include:
• Lighter to handle
• Easier to join and tie off because of its V Span content and smaller wire
• Ideal for any fencing application

Some Hurricane Hi-Lite is available in 200 metre rolls saving the need to make or join as with two conventional 100 metre rolls.

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Produced from high density Radiata Pine only available from the Nelson and Northland forests, this high density means our fenceposts are super tough, super strong. Goldpine's GoldTan™ range of post and poles have been the leader in New Zealand for both popularity and quality for many years. If you were to purchase low density wood, you would need to buy posts 25% larger to have the same strength as a GoldTan™ post.


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Not only can we supply you with our proven range of GoldTan™ and GoldTan Superpost™ posts, but we also stock a full range of Hurricane wire and farm gate products, not to mention a full contingent of related fencing products. No matter what your farming pursuit, Goldpine can supply you with the fencing you require.


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Gallagher offer both Mains Powered and Solar Powered Energizers.PowerPlus mains powered energizers are a high-performance range that offers exceptional value and outstanding performance.PowerPlus solar powered battery energizers offer effective animal control for remote locations where there is no mains power supply.