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By: Goldpine  06-Dec-2011
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Gallagher Power Fence Systems are recognised for being the most innovative and practical fencing products, providing increased efficiency in controlled grazing through subdivision. Gallagher can assist in increased stocking rates and fodder conservation which are the prime contributors to better farming products. Goldpine stores specialise in the full Gallagher range and our trained staff are happy to assist with your product selection.

Permanent power fences keep farm animals in and wild animals and vermin out – even over long distances. Animals remember the short, sharp, but safe shock and develop respect for the fence. Permanent Power Fence systems are economical, easy to install and operate, and may be powered by Gallagher mains, mains/battery, battery, or solar/battery systems.

Goldpine are proud to supply our customers with the full range of Gallagher electric fencing wires.

Earth/Ground System
A simple guide is a minimum of one earth stake for every 5 joules of stored energy eg. M1000 (10 Joules) = 2 earth stakes. In sandy or pumice soils more stakes will be required.

Super Earth Kit (G8800)
A Super Earth Kit system provides effective earthing (grounding), particularly in poor earthing soils eg sandy, stony, ash, and soils that dry out. One Super Earth Kit is equivalent to three earth (ground) stakes.

Earth (Ground) Wire Return Fence
For dry or frozen country with poor earthing conditions, an earth (ground) wire return system is recommended. See your local Goldpine team for more information.

Energizer Selection

Gallagher offer both Mains Powered and Solar Powered Energizers.
PowerPlus mains powered energizers are a high-performance range that offers exceptional value and outstanding performance.
PowerPlus solar powered battery energizers offer effective animal control for remote locations where there is no mains power supply.


Gallagher Insulators are built from the highest quality raw material to last a lifetime. The porcelain insulators are fire-resistant and ideal for high fire-risk areas. The plastic insulators are made from UV stabilised polymers for sun resistance, toughness and durability. All Gallagher insulators feature long leakage paths and protective shields to achieve optimum performance from today’s high power Energizers (excludes the G6840 and G6830).


Offset Brackets

Rejuvenate existing fences and extend the life of brackets and an electrified wire on one or both sides of the fence. Ideal for running leadout power to fences.

Keywords: Electric Fencing, Wire

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