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By: Globalforesight  06-Dec-2011
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Emerging Future Scans

Emerging Future Scans are designed to identify the early, weak signals of significant trends and disruptions which will reshaping industries and markets locally and globally. The discovered ideas, thoughts and references are intended to explore future possibilities and disrupt existing though patterns. The scans form an extremely powerful catalyst for discussion, ideas-generation, and strategy development. They are not intended to produce final or comprehensive answers to the questions, but rather to extend and stimulate the current strategic conversation.

Depending on the tailored scoping and focus of each scanning brief, the final scan report can vary in length from 30 to 50 pages. The Emerging Future Scan is often used as the first input for participants of either an Emerging Environment Workshop or a Principles and Techniques of Strategic Foresight workshop.

Emerging Environment Workshop

This one day strategy workshop for the leader-team of an organisation or industry sector provide the first step towards reaching a shared agreement on future strategy. The four major outputs of the workshop are:

Future Impacts Statement: The key trends and discontinuities that will impact on the organisation.

Scenarios: Narratives exploring how these impacts might play out and cross impact.

Emerging Issues Statement: Narratives exploring how these impacts might play out and cross impact.

Environment Intelligence Brief: Defines the basis additional and regular scanning as part of the Strategic Management Cycle.

The Emerging Environment Workshop may form part of a Principles and Techniques of Strategic Foresightâ„¢ workshop (an integrated strategy workshop).

Frequent Scanning Service

The strategy conversation and development cycle is all too often carried out at one of those all too infrequent management retreat events. Global Foresight Network offers a Frequent Scanning Service to customers as a powerful enabler for ongoing communication and socialisation of important strategy and change programs through a whole organisation.

Our customer-tailored service offering defines the subject themes to be tracked, and delivers a regular flow of scanned subject threads, with web links, on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis. Customers can elect whether to upload the threads onto their own intranets or have them packaged into to softcopy or printed newsletter formats for their staff or customers.

Leadership Skills of 21st Century Navigators

A one day program for leaders, managers and business owners. The accelerating pace of change in our borderless world is putting new pressures on leaders. Future success demands that leaders of all kinds think and act differently. We call this leadership capability 21st Century NavigationThe Leadership Skills for 21st Century Navigators workshop is a one day program which provides leaders, managers and business owners with eight ways to think and act differently. It is designed for leaders who want to navigate to the future. In a fast-paced and practical program, each of the 8 navigation ideas is underpinned by techniques and tools that can be readily applied in the workplace and day to day life.

Participation in this program is a prerequisite first step to becoming an accredited facilitator of The Leadership Skills for 21st Century Navigators workshop for your own organisation.

On completion of the wokshop, participants gain free access to the Leadership Skills Alumni Portal which provides opportunities for:

  • Access to contantly updated skills information (new case studies)
  • Participation in discussion groups
  • Sharing of new insights and ideas

See the Leadership Skills Alumni Portal here.

The Principles and Techniques of Strategic Foresight

Planning for the future is challenging at the best of times, but in today’s fast paced and evolving world it is more difficult to build and implement strategy that will successfully position an organisation for turbulent times ahead. Based on strategic foresight thinking, 2 day Principles and Techniques of Strategic Foresight workshop program is specifically designed to provide organisations with new ways of thinking, and to develop the skills and abilities necessary to envision, drive and deliver success in a world of increasingly boundary less space, characterised by high levels of change

The Principles and Techniques of Strategic Foresight® program is an easy to understand and practical application of the strategic foresight approach that enables organisations to develop and implement effective filters for viewing the trends, triggers and possibilities around them. It shows how to design for success and how to integrate such thinking into the reality of organisations.

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