A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling

By: Global Communications  06-Dec-2011

Equipping your field workers with a mobile solution that brings the office to the job site can be overwhelming.
Productivity and Safety..

Data capture via Electronic Forms that you design, edit and publish on mobile handsets, including signature, photos and barcode reading.


Dispatch and Automated scheduling systems for Work Orders, Job Status and real-time Proof of Service.


GPS Tracking from mobile devices & smartphones including advanced reporting and enhanced software features using GIS as well as GPS functionality.


Mobile Sales Force Automation for the business professional, sales representative, route accounting and FMCG deliveries.

Compatible Devices and Systems

Android smartphones, Android tablets, BlackBerry handsets, WM6.5 Rugged Terminals, Windows7 &XP Tablets & Netbooks, iPhone, iPad

Tablet Solutions Android & iPad Tablet

Solutions for business process improvement & automation, incorporating data capture /sales force automation using tablets.

Customer Services ... Customer - Hardware Procurement & Warranty Support

Customer support for hardware procurement, initial diagnostics, training and ongoing warranty management programs - one stop shop.

Customer - End User Device Support

Continuation of End User Handset Training and an Extension of our Procurement & Warranty program, with ongoing end user & company device support.

Customer - Call Centre Services

Customer & Product centric programs for end user support, customer support, inbound calls and outbound call programs

Software & Internet Services ...
Web Development

Customised web-based solutions for business based on specific business needs, or use of internet and hosted products for efficiency improvement.

Site Development & Internet Support Mobile Product Development

Looking for a bespoke solution for your business ? Our mobile team will assist you with Android, Windows, I-phone and more.

Hardware Services..
Handset OEM - Reverse Logistics

Handset returns, reverse logistics, collection, call centre activity, reconciliation, storage and logistics for warranty returns, product recalls and swap-outs.

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Advanced Solutions - We are Changing the Shape of Mobile Computing

Customer requirements are followed carefully, and all custom system configurations are reviewed by our system engineers to ensure the best functionality and reliability. Global Communications with its partners provides global configuration and assembly service with local logistics support to meet any market demand. To highlight: according to MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6 Procedure IV Transit Drop, 4 foot Drop on each face, edge and corner.