By: Glendale Iron And Metal  06-Dec-2011


G.I.M provides companies with roll-off containers to collect their scrap material. These boxes range in size from 8’ – 22’ in length. They are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of the customer and to properly handle the material. We also provide containers for job-site scrap material removal and clean-up.


G.I.M provides square tubs and barrels of all sizes to meet the needs of the many companies within the construction, manufacturing, machining and tooling industries. We have specially assigned drivers and trucks to provide you with this pick-up service. Our state of the art trucks are fully equipped with lift gates, and scales to weigh the material on-site at our customer’s facility.


G.I.M. has its own fleet of trucks and trailers to handle all metal material. Unlike many of our competitors, we operate all of our own trucking and equipment. This allows our company to respond quicker to the requests of our customers and to move material more efficiently.


We process all of our own material at our main facility on nine acres of land in Glendale, Arizona. We operate the only non-ferrous shredder in the area to meet the high volumes of aluminum and other material that we process daily. We have certified commercial scales and operate a variety of industry best cranes and equipment. Our state of the art baler system allows us to process high volumes of material and enables us to provide our customers with competitive market pricing.

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Material Handling Capabilities

By choosing Glendale Iron and Metal, you can rest assured you’ll have the right equipment to facilitate the removal of your scrap efficiently and cost-effectively. With our industry expertise and unmatched experience, we’ll custom design a scrap removal plan to meet your specific requirements.