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By: Terapeak  06-Dec-2011


Terapeak, the sole licensor of eBay transactional data, provides data and integration services to drive critical business decisions and power e-commerce services through our Terapeak Insights products and services.

The technology industry is on the brink of a data renaissance, and Terapeak provides unparalleled access to big data's true value. As the rate of data collection increases, deriving value from that data is equally as important. Terapeak not only provides data generated from the largest, complete e-commerce data set in the world with data going back to 2004, but also has multiple delivery methods, allowing integration at different stages of business workflow to delivering critical information at exactly the right time.

Our focus is on providing our clients with pricing and demand information. We offer this information through three different delivery methods, but first, let's review the benefits of what we deliver:

What We Deliver



    • Real market information, capturing what sellers are asking for and what buyers are willing to pay
    • Condition information, with pricing based on what condition any given item is in
    • Product information comparison based on true product identifiers


    • Demographic and geographic information for each transaction, including currency and shipping costs
    • Trend identification, including year-over-year and seasonal trends
    • Competitive analysis, including information on competitors, behavior, and product

Our delivery methods include:


    Data Direct

    • Transactional data, grouped into data feeds
    • Updated daily for all activity on the eBay platform
    • Customizable to select individual categories or entire vertical

    Adaptive Analytics

    • Aggregate services designed to incorporate multiple disparate data sets

    API Services

    • The building blocks for third-party applications on the eBay Marketplace and beyond
    • Includes aggregate statistics and transactional information
    • Plug-and-play architecture designed for easy integration into selling and listing workflows, e-commerce websites, valuations sevices, and more

Our custom data focuses on rapidly developing compelling data reports to deliver solutions tailored to your unique business.

Other products and services from Terapeak


eBay Research Tools | Terapeak

Detailed charts and tables will give you metrics, including average price and sell-through rate, as well as how and when to list your product. This is a simplified list of relevant closed listings, which you can review individually and sort by Start Price, End Price, and Bids. This report shows you a list of all eBay sellers who have listed within your search, and is ranked by various performance indicators.


Terapeak Insights | Terapeak

As the sole licensor of eBay transactional data, Terapeak provides unique insights and tools to help your business make critical decisions about investments, markets, and consumer trends. Provide us with basic information, such as a seller ID or a particular category, and we will work with you to generate custom reports based on your specific requirements.