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By: Terapeak  06-Dec-2011

  • Report

    The bread and butter of Terapeak’s product research, this report uses keywords to search millions of eBay listing titles. Detailed charts and tables will give you metrics, including average price and sell-through rate, as well as how and when to list your product.

  • Item Browse

    This is a simplified list of relevant closed listings, which you can review individually and sort by Start Price, End Price, and Bids.

  • Trend

    Presented as a timeline graph, this report shows the sales performance of a search over a period of up to 90 days. You can base trends on several different metrics to get an idea where sales are headed.

  • Top Sellers

    This report shows you a list of all eBay sellers who have listed within your search, and is ranked by various performance indicators. Use Top Sellers to see who your competition is and to study their tactics.

  • Title Builder

  • International Report

    Available to International subscribers, this report searches the international eBay sites Terapeak supports - at once. Compare pricing data and sell-through rates from the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Australia, to find the best selling region for your product.

  • Terapeak allows you to search up to 365 days of closed eBay listings to find statistics about your item and its sales history. Use this information to build the best listings possible, and to maximize sales potential.

    With Terapeak for eBay, you’ve got everything you need to build a profitable listing and sell smarter.

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