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Wellbeing workshops from Amiya Transcension

By: Amiya Transcension  01-Feb-2012
Keywords: Health Care, Natural Health, Stress

Amiya Transcension offer the following as half-day workshops, available as full days on request. Engage Yourself, Engage Life - How To Be Human [workshop details] Engaging with yourself is the only way to engage with life and ensure success. Disengagement costs people money, it costs them happiness, it costs energy, and sometimes even their lives. By understanding what is to be a human being we can work out how to live our lives to the fullest. Engaging with everything we do. Working With Stress, Handling Addictive Behaviours [workshop details] Stress is a normal part of our physiological function; in fact it’s vital to our survival. But most people mismanage stress and become physically and mentally unwell when over-stressed, often developing addictive behaviours (the Internet, TV, food, alcohol etc.), without realising it is a negative way of coping or compensating. By working with stress positively we can learn to manage it adaptively and identify addictive patterns and ways to overcome them. Getting The Balance Of Life Right [ workshop details ] If you want to get the best out of your life you need to know why you are not already. When human beings are unbalanced they get sick quicker, have less energy, are less productive and have more mental health problems. This not only costs the individual, but also employers and communities too. Please join us to learn what balance really means, what causes imbalance and how you can easily and effectively create balance in your life on a daily basis. Create Authentic Relationships With Clear Communication [workshop details] Creating and delivering positive communication and constructing healthy relationships is essential for success. Using empathy and awareness you can remove toxicity problems, aggressive arguments and ensure bullying and harassment never happens. Most relationship and communication problems come from poor delivery and misinterpretation. Come and join us and learn to be a clear communicator, depersonalise negative statements, diffuse verbal attacks and have healthy, fun and productive relationships. Eat 4 Life - Eat Well, Live Well, Work Well [ workshop details ] You are what you eat. So if you eat well, you will live well and work well, and we can help you do it. Obesity is a huge global problem (pun intended!) and is costing people their relationships, their health and costing employers thousands of dollars. We are going to help you pick your way through the maze of what is good for you, develop healthy eating habits, and improve your health and wellbeing, now and in the future.

Keywords: Addictions, Healing, Health Care, Mental Health, Natural Health, Psychology, Stress, Wellness

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