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By: Milly, Molly  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Life Skills


Two beloved friends, Milly and Molly come to life in this new animated series that will stimulate, challenge and entertain children.

Milly and Molly may look quite different, but they are the best of friends. Based on the international publishing hit, this charming new series follows the adventures of our two heroines and their friends in a small country town. Exciting, poignant and funny, Milly, Molly celebrates difference and promotes acceptance of diversity. Each episode has a subtle message about life skills such as honesty, persistence and responsibility, as well as dealing with issues such as bullying and forgiveness. Together Milly and Molly always manage to have fun as they face the world and its complexities.

The following four DVD’s (in PAL format) are now available through the

Keywords: Life Skills

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The hugely successful Milly, Molly series of books are now available as digital e-books in multiple languages in the QBook format for Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. There are plenty of there activities you can enjoy with each Milly, Molly QBook.


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They have been written to: - Promote the acceptance of difference in a multicultural society.- Stimulate the imagination, entertain and impart a value: the value is implicit, never explicit.- Facilitate broad discussion, through and change.- Build character and a healthy self-esteem in every unique individual.