By: Larsawn  06-Dec-2011
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Larsen Sawmilling Ltd are manufacturers of high quality innovative timber products.
We also stock a variety of other products, please check out our stockist page.

Standard Timber BBQ Table: 1.7m length, dressed, H3.2 treated timber.
A genuine 6 seater. Also available as a child’s size.
½ Round Post BBQ Table: 1.7m length. Seating 6 people comfortably.
Good sturdy outdoor table.

Approximately 500mm square standing approximately 500mm high using ground treated timber.
A garden in a box!

Made to measure. Up to 2.4m wide with or without floor.

900mm square sections stacked one on top of each other to give an air gap.
Approximately 170mm high. 600mm square sections also available. Could also be used as a raised garden.

3.0m diameter with or without built in furniture.
Furniture includes an oblong table with a seat either side.

2.4m long, 1.2m wide (not including the nesting box) and standing
approximately 2m high with floor and on skids. Includes 3 nesting boxes and a perch.

Farm style gates standing 1.1m high in various
lengths from 1.0 to 3.6m.
Sheep, cattle, deer and horse gates all made to order.

The ideal paddock office! On a base of 1.2m x 900mm standing 2.0m high.
Corrugated iron with timber door.
With or without liner or all ready for flusher.

Large Kennel – 900mm long, 600mm wide standing 850mm high.
Standard/Medium Kennel – 720mm long, 600mm wide standing 850mm high.
Both of treated ply construction – ceiling included with an iron roof. Kennels all painted for extra protection.
Runs come in single, double, treble and quad. Kennels sit on the back of the run, off the ground.
Runs on 100 x 50 H4 treated bearers. Sizing: All standing 1.1m high
Single 2.4m long 750mm wide
Double 2.4m long 1.45m wide
Treble 2.4m long 2.1m wide
Quad 2.4m long 2.8m wide

The same run accommodates both standard and large kennels.

Small Kennel & Small Run
for the Jack Russell/Foxy sized dogs. Constructed of treated plywood.
Kennel is 600mm long, 450mm wide standing 500mm high.
Small run is 1.75m long, 600mm wide standing 730mm high.
Kennel fits on to back of run.
Other sizes made to order.

Choose from our standard playhouse which is 2.4m deep (including 600mm porch),
1.8m wide, 1.5m high (at the lowest point) or we can custom build to your child’s requirements.
Made of treated timber and ply it comes with a stable door and perspex windows.

Keywords: Gates, Timber