Kohntrol Forest Services

By: Kohntrol  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Wood

The team at Kohntrol's combined experience is second to none when it comes to operational management. We are committed to providing our clients with quality service that adds value to their forest asset.

Kohntrol's services encompasses the full spectrum of Forest Management, providing advice on the following:

Land Acquisition:
Choosing the best location for the forest.

Prospectus Preparation:  
Assistance with the development of sale prospectuses for promoters of forest investments.

Land Preparation & Establishment :
Vegetation clearance, tracking and roading, controlled burning and pest control management.

Ongoing tending of the forest to optimise the return to the owner.

Pre Harvest Planning:
Mapping, inventory, harvesting systems, planning costing, Resource Consent Management.

Value Optimisation:
Lump sum, Pay-as-cut, timing.

Stumpage, export sales (including direct to end user), domestic or on truck sales.

Harvest Management:
Harvest, environmental HSE, volume and payment reconciliation, post harvest audit and site re-establishment.

Contract preparation, invoicing control, debtor and creditor management and bidder compliance.

Investment Analysis:
Analysis of forestry as an investment.

Forest Audits :
The company's many years of experience makes it ideally suited to audit forest operations.

Wood Flow Management:
Staff are able to provide information in the following areas to help you through the sales process:

Forest Analysis: Mapping, Resources consent application, value assessment ( MARVL), harvesting planning and roading construction.

Value Recovery: How best to maximise the value of your wood from the stand through a number of sales options. The forest owner has the option of selling the wood on one of the following ways:

  • Managed sale process
  • Lump sum sales
  • pay-as-cut (per tonne)
  • pay-as-cut (by log grade)
  • At wharf sales

Marketing: KFSL expertise in harvesting, domestic and overseas marketing will result in an improvement in the bottom line for the owner. through our association with sister companies, we have access to end-users in Korea, India, China, Vietnam, Dubai, Australia, Japan as well as the Philippines

Harvesting Management: Once sales are finalised it is vital that the harvesting operation flows to meet market deadlines, customer quality expectations and environmental and health and safety requirements. Post harvest cleanup and restoration of the site are also key elements in a successful operation.  The companies Woodflow Management System ensures smooth creditor and debtor control as well as providing post harvest reconciliations and Profit/Loss analysis.

Keywords: Marketing, Wood