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By: Gint Software  06-Dec-2011


In addition to our superior software products, we also offer an extensive range of professional services for our gINT clients.

We can also help standardize your existing reports by:

  • Consolidating similar log reports into a single smart report that reformats itself based on the presence/absence of certain data (for example well information, water levels or environmental data).
  • Making your log forms easy to edit and maintain by consolidating common elements such as logos, company information, borders, etc. into "blocks." These blocks can then be easily reused on any number of different reports, making it easier to maintain consistency of common elements.
  • Using formulas in reports to perform automatic calculations for items such as refusal, exceedence, RQD%, SCR% and more, thus avoiding externally calculated fields in your database.

We can work with you create a database structure to accommodate all your users’ needs. By implementing database field controls, lookup lists, required fields, default values, validation and more, we can help you capture and store accurate, useful data.

While understanding your reporting requirements is an important part of the database design process, we also examine:

  • What types of data you collect and store? Beyond borehole data, do you capture laboratory or insitu test data.
  • How do you capture/import your data? Do you import data from PDA or do you import from other data formats such as AGS?
  • How do you use lab data? Do you import lab data (either raw or calculated)?
  • With what other applications and formats do you share data? For example do you export to CAD, mapping or modeling applications?
  • How important is data validation and the ability to audit data? Careful planning and proper design can help ensure reliable, consistent data that can be easily audited.

Importing Electronic Data

We can help you import all kinds of electronic data into gINT. Data from virtually any type of device that stores information to a file can be imported into gINT, including:

  • Laboratory
  • CPT*
  • Geophysical
  • Slope Inclinometer
  • Long-term water level monitoring
  • And more!

Translating Legacy Data

If you have legacy information in an old format, let gINT professionals help you translate your data to gINT or another useful format. Avoid costly delays in file translation by outsourcing your translation projects to the gINT team.

Let us help you customize your borehole display in Google Earth. Using gINT Rules (gINT's programming language) we can streamline your Google Earth display to include any information-even to perform and display calculations on the fly-from your gINT borehole data. We can also automate publishing your boreholes to Google Earth, saving you time and eliminating repetitive data entry.

For example, the Google Earth description for your boreholes could automatically display depth and elevation of bedrock and water level (even if these calculations are not stored as separate numbers in your project files), or you could choose specific icons to differentiate boreholes and test pits.

Your borehole description could also include other surface features including rock outcrops, site photos, contaminated areas, slope failures, and tension cracks. These are just a few examples-virtually any type of customization can be done to suit your needs.

gINT Rules allows the creation of your own database rules and calculations. For example, we can create specialized lab testing screens, check for data consistency and accuracy, and impose data entry rules which you can check. This feature allows you the same level of flexibility in designing your input screens as you have in designing your reports.

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gINT Geoenvironmental and Geotechnical Software for Logs and Reports

Once your borehole data is stored in gINT, you can create all types of reports from the same data—from borehole logs and well logs, to fences, project summaries, lab reports and more. Whether you enter borehole log data manually, or import from electronic field data, PDA or other software gINT lets you store all types of subsurface data. We also offer GEO5 geotechnical design and analysis software.