gINT Geoenvironmental and Geotechnical Software for Logs and Reports

By: Gint Software  06-Dec-2011

Whether you enter borehole log data manually, or import from electronic field data, PDA or other software gINT lets you store all types of subsurface data. Once your borehole data is stored in gINT, you can create all types of reports from the same data—from borehole logs and well logs, to fences, project summaries, lab reports and more.

To complement gINT, we also offer GEO5 geotechnical design and analysis software.

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gINT Software - Professional Services

Using formulas in reports to perform automatic calculations for items such as refusal, exceedence, RQD%, SCR% and more, thus avoiding externally calculated fields in your database. Using gINT Rules we can streamline your Google Earth display to include any information-even to perform and display calculations on the fly-from your gINT borehole data.