Giltech Precision Castings, Dunedin, New Zealand - specifications and installation instructions

By: Giltech  06-Dec-2011


Material: Low Lead Gunmetal (LLLG2) BS1400:1986-BS EN1982:1999. 
AS2738-2000.  Alloy C83600A.

Chemical Composition % (Nominal):
Copper 84-86 %
Tin 4-6 %
Zinc 4-6 %
Lead 4.5 % Max

Meet the following Standards:
• AS/NZ 2345 - 2006 Dezincification Resistant
• AS/NZ 4020 - 2005 Potable Water Contact
• AS2738 - 2000 Alloy Standard C83600A (Low Lead Gunmetal)



Nitrile Rubber

Meet the following Standards:
• AS1646.1 - 2000 Elastomeric Seals for waterworks purposes
• AS/NZ 4020 - 2005 Potable Water Contact

Service Conditions:

Maximum Pressure Rating of 2068 KPa (300PSI)

Maximum Water Temperature of 50° C

Giltech Tapping Bands are manufactured to the strictest quality standards in our ISO9001:2000 (LIC 108) accredited foundry.
The Tapping Band's ample width and pre-formed radius provides greater distribution of clamping pressure to avoid crushing the pipe.
Giltech Tapping Bands have the approval of most Local Authorities; the main one being MANARC (Manakau City Council Approval MW7).


• Corrosion Resistant

• Resistant to seawater

• Dezincification Resistant

• Weather resistant

• Resistant to other materials which attack traditional materials

• Excellent fatigue resistance

• Resistant to vibration pump loads and water hammer

• Resistant to damage in transport and storage

• Giltech Tapping Bands are widely used in New Zealand and are exported to Australia, the Middle East, and the Pacific Islands.

• They are suitable for water reticulation and irrigation where their strength helps avoid damage by farm implements, live stock etc.

Installation Instructions:

• Make sure the pipe is clean and free from dirt or other contaminants and has no grooves or other irregularities such as weld beads or indentations on it.

• Fit the Tapping Band around the pipe and hand tighten the 2 nuts.

• Tighten the nuts to approximately 20 Newton metres or 15 foot pounds.

• This can be achieved by giving the nuts a firm turn with a 200/250mm adjustable spanner or equivalent.

• Note: When properly tightened there will still be a gap between the top and bottom band. This gap allows for the manufacturing tolerances of the outside diameter of the pipe.


• DO NOT use tools such as rattle guns as over tightening the nuts could damage the tapping band.

• If after tightening a leak is evident - check the pipe and seal to find the cause.

• Continuing to tighten the band WILL NOT fix the problem.

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Giltech Precision Castings, Dunedin, New Zealand - tapping bands (acblue pvc)

Our range of Tapping Bands are available throughout New Zealand from your local plumbing or pipeline supplier.