Park Sessions

By: Get Me Fit  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Fitness, Weight Loss, Exercise Program

Our park sessions are more than just a great workout.  They are a healthy solution for busy professionals, new mums, athletes or anyone that wants to make a change in their lives for the better and do it alongside a great group of people who will cheer you on.

Specially designed for to take you outside your comfort zone and help you discover what you’re a truly capable of.  Whether you are looking for a weight loss exercise program or just to kickstart your fitness routine, our park sessions can help you reach your goals and have a great time along the way.

BLUE GROUP:  Members in this group have typically not trained for some time, or may be new to group exercise.  As a minimum members in this group must be able to power walk for 1.5 km.  Members will gradually improve to being able to run 2 km and complete a range of body exercises.   

RED GROUP:  To enter this group members can run 2 km with ease and complete a good range of exercises.  This is the largest training group, and at the upper end members will be able to train hard for 45 minutes in a range of exercises with short periods of rest.  

GREEN GROUP:  Members in this group maintain a good level of fitness, and are capable of running 5 km with relative ease.  They can maintain a high work rate for in excess of 45 minutes, with minimal rest. 

BLACK GROUP:  This is a growing group of proven individuals.  Members in this group are very fit and typically require little or no rest, maintaining an impressive work rate for the entire training session.  To keep them  motivated there is the elite fitness goal of completeing the GMF Fitness Assessment in under 15 minutes.  

Keywords: Exercise Program, Fitness, Weight Loss

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