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By: Get A Geek  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Disaster Recovery, Computer Systems, Preventative Maintenance

  • We'll fix your systems to make them run as you need them to.
  • We'll maintain your computer systems so they're more reliable.
  • We'll identify ways your computer systems can work better for your business.
  • We'll arrange on-site one-on-one training and strategic IT consulting as required.

When your PC system goes bad, call us. We'll try to get a technician out to you as quickly as you need us.

Urgent call out fees may apply. Lower rates apply if you're on a

Find out about service and support contracts See below to find out about Preventative Maintenance.  

New hardware and software implementation can be fraught with difficulty and danger to your business.

Like your systems to be more reliable (ie crash less often, if at all) and work faster?

Like an Internet connection - or want to upgrade to broadband?

Your system won't perform at its best if your network isn't up to scratch.

Security is no longer set and forget. Your systems and data are threatened on a daily basis by increasingly sophisticated hackers, viruses, worms, spybots and so on.

Want a backup system implemented?

The worst can happen, when you least expect it, no matter how much you do to try and avoid it. Your disaster recovery plan does its main work by preventing disasters, but it's also essential for limiting the effects of a disaster on your business.

How are your IT systems today? Are they keeping your business competitive, just barely supporting your business, or holding it back? No matter what the state of your systems today, with technology advances your systems will soon be out of date.

When it comes to major system development or implementation, you'll want to make sure everything is done and sorted with the minimum of disruption to your business as usual.

Keywords: Computer Systems, Disaster Recovery, Hardware and Software Implementation, Internet Connection, Preventative Maintenance, Service and Support,