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By: Geroc Solutions  06-Dec-2011

GEROC is changing the way that consultants work. We provide our software and services as an integrated product to save your company time & cost. We offer two service levels:

- Small Consultancies - Benefit from the availability of our standard software interfacing with one of our multiple consultant databases. You'll benefit from ongoing improvements, with global changes available to all users at the same time.

- Large Consultancies - Benefit from an individual custom database specific to your organizations requirements, featuring separate partitions for each office. You will have access to our premium software and services. The organization will benefit from data centralization and enforcement of company specific requirements. Additional fees may apply.

  • Data
  • Costs are primarily based on the number of investigation locations and the complexity of the data stored - i.e. hand auger and scala vs. a 120m hole with SPT testing in soils and packer testing and dilator testing in rock. For details, contact us.

  • Customizations
  • A number of standard templates will be provided cost-free on the initial setup. Customization of templates will be based on our standard rates.

  • Maintenance
  • A small monthly maintenance cost will apply to maintain the database. This cost can be used to offset data usage, or customization services. This is only valid for the current month and does not accrue.

  • Database
  • Depending on the size of your organization, we will either provide you with (a) a dedicated portion in a multiple consultant database, or (b) an exclusive database for your organization, making the sharing of data between offices a breeze (additional costs may apply).

  • Other
  • While the GEROC software is provided free-of-charge, it is owned and remains the exclusive property of GEROC Solutions Ltd. The software shall not be used with non-GEROC databases. GEROC retains all IP and rights on database setup, software and provision of services. All data is owned by the originator or assignee. Unless by prior arrangement, these services will be prepaid in advance of services being provided.