GSL Services

By: Geosciences  06-Dec-2011

• Environmental Site Assessments

Soil and groundwater investigations for: Green Fields, Industrial Land, Horticultural Land, Residential Lots, Subdivisions, Large and Small Land Developments. Soil contamination reports.

• Contaminated Land Management

Soil disposal and appraisal options. Remediation option investigations. Remediation Action Plans (RAP). Environmental Management Plans (EMP). Negotiations with local authorities.


• Waste management and compliance monitoring
• Industrial trade process consenting and monitoring
• Environmental due diligence and HSNO compliance audits
• Hazardous substances – ERMA applications and approvals
• HSNO Approved Handler training and certification
• Emergency response planning
• Preparation and supply of product labels, signage, & Safety Data Sheets
• Dangerous goods and hazardous materials storage audits

Landfills: Post closure Compliance Management, Continuous Monitoring, Administering Resource Consents. Resource Consent Investigations and Applications.

Evaluation of the Trade Process. Negotiations with local authority, Managing the Resource Consenting Process. Ongoing monitoring.

Land and Facillity Environmental Compliance Audits.

Facilitation of approval for new hazardous substances and allocation of product to Group Standards and Approval Number.

Provision of on-site and correspondence training courses for handling of industrial chemicals resulting in 5-year Approved Handler Certification.

Supply of a simple emergency response plan to meet the requirements of the HSNO Emergency Management Regulations.

The HSNO Regulations require identification of the presence of hazardous chemical and information to be available about them. We supply signs and Safety Data Sheets to the approved Codes of Practice.

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environment due dilligence
HSNO compliance audit

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