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Keywords: Medical Device, Marketing Research, Online Survey Format

Research in the clinical and medical device environment

Marketing research programs are designed to meet individual client needs. Projects are completed within agreed budgetary limits by a staff of experienced professionals.

Client needs vary widely and we have the ability to deliver relevant and significant information, on time - every time.

Market Assessment: Market size: value, volume and trends
Customer Perceptions: Promotion, products, pricing and service
Clinical Directions: Positioning analysis, customer perceptions
Competitive Activity: Competitor analysis, products, price and service
Concept Testing: Independent testing for advertising and pricing

customer satisfaction studies

A key element in maintaining a dominant market position in today's competitive environment is to clearly understand how your customers perceive your company; it's products, service and people. We have extensive experience in conducting Customer Perception studies using face to face, telephone, and our 'A-Z' online survey format to speed the process and streamline the preparation of a final report.

We have conducted major client company studies using our 'A-Z' online survey format - covering large numbers of customers including surgeon specialists - producing in-depth reports in easy to review PowerPoint-based reports which can be readily adapted for company presentations.

Staff engagement studies

Measure staff responses to a series of engagement questions that may reveal organizational strengths and weaknesses in the following areas; Work Environment, Resource Availability, Remuneration and Benefits, Company Organisation, Leadership, Fellow Staff and Employee Supervision/Management.

Create a baseline for the aforementioned areas, which subsequent half yearly surveys can provide a meaningful measure of changes over time.

'AZ' Online Exam Format

An exciting new addition to our 'AZ' online survey format is the 'AZ' Online Exam. When you are conducting training programs for staff or customers, we can provide you with an examination program that will allow staff or customers to go online and answer questions relating to the training and upon 'submission' of their answers - they will receive an instant response telling them their numerical score and advice of the questions not answered correctly with the correct answers. You will receive a report in all responses and scores.

market reconnaissance

We can give you independent feedback on Australia/New Zealand conference activities; including your subsidiary or distributor activities and performance.

We can facilitate the preparation of product or development plans for the Australia/New Zealand market with whatever specific data you require including potential distribution opportunities.

Targeted Recruiting

If you are looking for quality sales and marketing personnel - and understand that few of the candidates that respond to online or newspaper ads will meet your stringent criteria - call us. Our primary methodology in recruiting sales and marketing staff is targeted search.

Qualified people are the keystone of a successful company. The quality of a company's staff will determine its ability to perform profitably. You can only afford to fill key positions in your organisation with the best and brightest. We will work with you to define your needs, and we will identify the candidates that can perform well in your organisation.

Keywords: Marketing Research, Medical Device, Online Survey Format

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