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By: Genkit  06-Dec-2011
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Wind turbines provide sustainable off-grid power, which makes it one of our most effective renewable energy resources. Electricity is created by converting the kinetic energy produced by the wind into DC power.

Ideal for a Rural or Country Setting ~ get the best out of a
Genkit Wind Power System

Genkit's wind turbines are manufactured to suit New Zealand conditions, where we have relatively high average wind speeds, with little or no turbulence.

Wind speed increases with height so it works best high up on a mast or tower.
Generally speaking they are ideally situated on top of a hill with flat, clear
exposure, which is free from excessive turbulence and obstructions such as large
trees, houses or other buildings. A rural or country setting provides the perfect
environment to operate a wind power system.

Residential or Home Wind Turbines ~ providing supplementary electricity

Individual wind turbines, unlike conventional 'wind farms', are most commonly
used to supply energy for battery charging systems (e.g. on boats or in homes).
Rather than a complete off-grid solution, wind turbines will only produce enough
electricity to supplement or back-up your existing power supply.

Turbines vary in size and power output from 10 to 40 kilowatt-hours per day.
As a guide, the average home requires about 25 units (25 kW/hours) per day.
In some instances your wind power system may generate enough electricity, from
wind energy, or a hybrid system (which includes solar); to enable you to sell
electricity back to the grid.

We are one of New Zealand's leading installers for Kestrel and Whisper mini-wind turbines.

The Whisper 100 & 200 have an all-new look featuring a cast aluminum frame
and smooth, quiet operation of the patented "angle-governor" furling

Whisper 100 Wind Turbine

The Whisper 100 is ideal for telecommunications, outbuildings, or home


  • Three-blade 2.1 metre (7 ft.) diameter rotor
  • Produces 900 Watts of power at 45km/hour
  • 100+kWh/month at 19km/hour
  • Lightweight & Economical
  • Comes with 5 Year Warranty

The Whisper 100 can withstand the toughest wind conditions. It has a smaller rotor diameter for sustained high winds. In high wind areas, the 100 will provide nearly as much power as the 200, without furling.

The 100 is well suited to water pumping, battery charging, and telecommunications.
It's specifically designed for maximum durability in sustained high wind environments
or as an entry level turbine for moderate power needs.

Hybrid Electricity Generation

Wind turbines often work in tandem with solar panels, providing energy when
the sun disappears. This complementary effect is even greater during seasonal
changes. During the winter and spring when the sun is at its least exposure,
the wind is at it highest. A Whisper 100 during these periods is essential to
keep your batteries charged and your lights on.

Is there such a thing as a quiet wind turbine?

Yes there is! Worried about noise? The Whisper range of turbines are one of
the quietest wind turbines ever tested by the National Renewable Energy Labs

Whisper 200 Wind Turbine

The Whisper 200 is ideal for agricultural use, or power for your home
bach or boat.


  • Three-blade 3 metre (9 ft.) diameter rotor
  • 200+kWh/month at 19km/hour
  • Efficient & Economical
  • Comes with 5 Year Warranty

The Whisper 200 has the benefit of an extra large rotor for more power in low winds.

The 200 creates slightly more noise than it’s 100 counterpart, but the trade-off it that it produces almost twice the power.

Whisper 200 for Off-Grid Wind & Solar Installations (Hybrid Power Systems)

It is an excellent choice for hybrid wind-solar applications. A 200 and a small solar array may be all you need for remote, off-grid, installations. The 200 also utilises a smaller diameter tower which can further reduce the cost of renewable power. The economical alternative for off-grid installations.

Whisper 100 & 200 Specifications

  Whisper 100 Whisper 200
Rotor Diameter 2.1 metre (7 ft.) 3 metre (9 ft.)
Weight 21 kg | Boxed: 23kg 30 kg | Boxed: 40kg
Shipping Dimensions 1295 x 508 x 330 mm 1295 x 508 x 330 mm
Mount 2.5" schedule 40 / 6.35 cm pipe 2.5" schedule 40 / 6.35 cm pipe
Start Up Wind Speed 12 km/hour 11 km/hour
Max. Wind Speed 193 km/hour 193 km/hour
Rated Power 900 watts at 45 km/hour 1000 watts at 42 km/hour
Body Cast aluminium / marine option available Cast aluminium / marine option available
Blades 3 Poly-pro / carbon glass reinforced 3 Poly-pro / carbon glass reinforced
Kilowatt Hours Per Month 100 kWh/mo at 19 km/hour 158 kWh/mo at 19 km/hour

Whisper Controller

Unlike many other small wind systems, Whisper 100 & 200 turbines come with a controller that includes a diversion load to ensure quiet safe operation of your wind turbine when the batteries are charged.

It installs in minutes and it protects both your wind turbine and battery. The Whisper controller fits easily inside your battery room. Add the optional LCD display and you will instantly receive real time data on the performance of your Whisper wind turbine.

The display can be mounted on the controller or up to 1000 feet (300 meters) away letting you know what is happening. You can even add an anemometer to your controller and now you can measure wind speed and compare it to the output to make sure you are getting the most from your Whisper wind turbine.

Angle Governor ~ For Maximum Wind Power

Exclusive to the Whisper, the side-furling Angle-Governor protects the turbine in high winds by turning the alternator and blades out of the wind, reducing turbine exposure. Unlike other wind turbines that lose as much as 80% of their output when furled, the Angle-Governor allows the Whisper to achieve maximum output in any wind conditions.

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Wind Power, Wind Turbine, Wind Turbines

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