GC NZ - Energy Cables

By: General Cable  06-Dec-2011

Very little would happen in New Zealand without the products and cable solutions provided by General Cable. From fuse wire to 33kV power cable, the General Cable range includes everything from building wires to low and medium voltage XLPE and paper-insulated lead sheathed distribution cable, and bare aluminium aerial distribution wire.

General Cable has become a preferred supplier to many of New Zealand’s energy companies, major industrial users, electrical wholesaler groups and contractors due to its expertise in designing and manufacturing for local conditions. The company has developed a number of efficiencies for energy clients including improved inventory management, a cut-length service and 24-hour emergency support.

This has allowed General Cable clients in the main centres to reduce cable holding costs for both high volume and strategic cable requirements, and to provide the fastest possible response for maintenance and fault work. General Cable continues to provide full technical support, direct supply-to-site and improved supply chain management.

The cabling requirements for some of New Zealand’s most important developments, including the massive Clyde Dam power station, Marsden Point oil refinery and the Methanex gas-to-methanol plant in Taranaki, have been supplied by General Cable New Zealand. The company’s cables can be found under residential subdivisions, in timber mills, offices, coal mines and at ski fields, and even beneath the sea floor.

General Cable offers a complete and comprehensive range of products and accessories, and is well known for its willingness to offer on-site design expertise as part of a total cable solution.

Other products and services from General Cable


GC NZ - Data & Communications Cables

Today General Cable manufactures an extremely wide range of telecommunications cable including local area network cables, optical fibre cables, railway signalling cables and instrumentation cables to petrochemical industry specifications. New Zealand was one of the first countries in the world to develop a backbone of optical fibre cables for its telecommunications network, using cables supplied by General Cable.


GC NZ - Instrumentation & Control Cables

We supply custom designed cables for a variety of OEM applications, including factory automation, materials handling equipment and process control applications. Products for the resource sector, oil and gas applications, and specialist applications such as railway signalling and traffic control systems. Our industrial and speciality range provides for electronic, instrumentation and specialist industry applications.