GENERAL ACOUSTICS l Echosounding, Hydrodynamic Measurment and Interpolation

By: General Acoustics  05-Apr-2012

Press Release  

Kiel /Hamburg, Mai 2006 

General Acoustics new Sub-Bottom Profiler used

for Cable Tracking in the Port of Hamburg  

The German company General Acoustics GmbH received a demanding survey order for their new DSLP Sub-Bottom Profiler from the Hamburg Port Authority. Aim of the survey was to find the exact location of cables embedded in an inhomogeneous bottom and interspersed with stones. About 25 profiles were carried out to detect the cables. They were clearly detected with General Acoustics’ new Sub-Bottom Profiler based of its approved DSLP-Technology at depths varying between 1-4 m in sand. The figure shows and example of the cables and objects found.

Figure 1. Echogram at profile 125.60

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A big attention was also drawn on our LOG_aLevel tide and wave system, where the major points of the customers were the freedom of calibration and maintenance and the reliability under all weather conditions. The modular configuration and a state-of-the-art system and data management allows the integration of external measurement networks and to adapt the system to the requirements of the user in a flexible way.