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By: General Acoustics  05-Apr-2012
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Kiel/Koblenz/Gnevsdorf, June 2007
General Acoustics got Approval for LOG_aLevel from BfG

The German Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG) confirmed that the LOG_aLevel water level and wave gauge got the approval to use at German inland waters. The system was tested 8 months at the station Gnevsdorf against different technologies. LOG_aLevel fulfilled all requirements and specifications of the German authority.

Location of the test: Gevsdorf at the River Havel

Kiel, April 2007
General Acoustics successful at the Ocean Business

The show was a great success for our company, due to the high interest of potential customers for the new SUBPRO 1210 Sub Bottom Profiler. We showed solutions for many applications and different tasks. Especially the use in very shallow water starting at 1.5 m, the high resolution and the 10 m penetration in sand surprised and excited the visitors.

A big attention was also drawn on our LOG_aLevel tide and wave system, where the major points of the customers were the freedom of calibration and maintenance and the reliability under all weather conditions.

Kiel, March 2007

General Acoustics is part of the OMS

The Ocean Monitoring System (OMS) is a cost-effective modular environmental monitoring and warning system for oceans and coastal waters. "Classical" sensors for environmental monitoring are combined with components for maritime safety techniques and traffic surveillance, remote sensing, model simulations and operational forcasts as well as information, alarm and warning functions.

The modular configuration and a state-of-the-art system and data management allows the integration of external measurement networks and to adapt the system to the requirements of the user in a flexible way.

With our LOG_aLevel we support an importent part of data. Local wave data are inevitable for validation of spatial wave data measured by special radar systems. Our wave measurement stations collect real-time data by modes of ultrasound propagation. These collected wave or reference data are indispensable for "ground truthing" calibration of the radar systems - enabling them to generate spatial wave data for larger areas.

Kiel, March 2007

University of Delft purchased new UltraLab ULS HF5-A

General Acoustics proudly presents a new product of the UltraLab series. It was developed for the University of Delft in the Netherlands and is called UltraLab ULS HF 5-A.

Kiel, February 2007

General Acoustics moves into new facility

The location of the facility is directly at the mouth of the Kiel-Canal to the Kiel Fjord where we have direct access to the water.

The new building will give us a perfect infrastructure  for the growth of the company. The move will be completed to the mid of February 2007. We hope to welcome you in our new home for training sessions in the near future.

The new address is valid from February 2007:

General Acoustics GmbH
Am Kiel-Kanal 1
24106 Kiel

Kiel, January 2007

General Acoustics will launch new Sub-Bottom Profiler

at the  Ocean Business 2007 in Southampton

General Acoustics has presented the new SUBPRO 1210 Sub-Bottom Profiler the first time in public last Autumn in Aberdeen. At this occasion, a little survey for the Chief Surveyor of the port, Eddie Aitken, was performed. After the survey he got a new image of ‘his’ harbour.

Rock layers were detected where he did not expect them (under 8 m of sand) and made him curious for the next SUBPRO 1210 survey in Aberdeen. The system operates with 12 KHz and a power up to 10 KW. Shallow water surveying starting at 1.5 meters. The SUBPRO 1210 Sub-Bottom Profiler will be featured at the Ocean Business 2007 in Southampton in March at booth 46 which is shared with RUCO Ltd. General Acoustics also will be holding a 1-hour classroom session about this instrument. The session will take place on Tuesday, 27 March, 16:00 in Room 064/03. General Acoustics will also exhibit its tide and wave gauge LOG_aLevel.


The research centre coast of the NLWKN–Norderney was delivered with 5 autonomous and maintenance-free working Wave and Tide stations LOG_aLevel from General Acoustics. The systems, all based on ultrasound technology, will be deployed around the Island of Norderney in the German North Sea and replace the existing pressure sensors. The pilot station, which was delivered in the previous year, delivered data even during strongest storm seasons.

Due to the absolute accuracies of far below a centimetre, all wave troughs and crests, as well as all flanks were measured. LOG_aLevel contributes an important part to improve the level accuracy and the quality of data. Additional, the system reduces maintenance costs since the contact free measuring procedure does not need any maintenance.

Kiel / San Francisco, October 2006

General Acoustics GmbH, Germany has received its first delivery order of thewater level and wave measuring system LOG_aLevel from the US Army Corps ofEngineers, San Francisco District. This order includes two mobile systemsincluding software packages, to be integrated with the Army's existing radio telemetry system.  The San Francisco District personnel intend for the system to be used to provide accurate tide data for correction of their hydrographic surveys in and around the Ports of San Francisco and Oakland, California. 

A technician from Seafloor Systems, Inc. of Sacramento, California will deliver the first two systems as well as provide on-site, hands-on training and installation assistance to the Corps of Engineers personnel.

Kiel /Hamburg, Mai 2006 

General Acoustics new Sub-Bottom Profiler used for Cable

Tracking in the Port of Hamburg  

Kiel /London (UK), March 2006

Lunus new Representative of General Acoustics GmbH in Brazil

Kiel /Adelaide (AUS), March 2006

LOG_aLevel for Flinders Ports Australia

The German company General Acoustics GmbH has received an order for the awarded tide and wave measuring system LOG_aLevel from Australia. The purchaser of the gauge is Flinders Ports South Australia ( ) via HydroSurvey Australia ( ) . It will be mounted approximately 10 nm from the port of Adelaide. It is being installed for the measurement of waves (H/3) and water level (tide) to aid in the safe passage of deep draught vessels that enter or depart the Port of Adelaide.

LOG_aLevel ® Test Winner at RIZA

Kiel/Lelystad (NL), October 2005

Rijkswaterstaat from the Netherlands now official confirmed, that our LOG_aLevel system has won the comparison test against 15 different tide gauges.

The test was ordered by the renowned Rijkswaterstaat (RIZA) in the Netherlands and performed by WL Delft Hydraulics. They tested different kind of methods of radar sensors, mechanical sensors, optical sensors, pressure sensors and ultrasonic sensors. The goal of the test was to find the best technical solution to built up a monitoring network to measure water level and waves in the Netherlands. LOG_aLevel® is also available as an autonomous portable wave and water level gauge optimal for construction activities.

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GENERAL ACOUSTICS l Echosounding, Hydrodynamic Measurment and Interpolation

The German company General Acoustics GmbH received a demanding survey order for their new DSLP Sub-Bottom Profiler from the Hamburg Port Authority. Aim of the survey was to find the exact location of cables embedded in an inhomogeneous bottom and interspersed with stones. For Cable Tracking in the Port of Hamburg.