Noel Leeming Group safe with head in the clouds

By: Gen-i  06-Dec-2011

The challenge

Its previous VPN system proved unreliable and required remote users to remember a second password, resulting in a high number of user issues and subsequent help desk calls.

In addition, having their users access the web via in-house servers required the retailer to manage and maintain a larger hardware fleet and to manually maintain access policies, all of which added cost to the business.

The solution

Secure User VPN service enables the retailer to provide remote users with secure access to the company’s network from anywhere, including overseas, over both fixed and mobile broadband connections.

In addition, SecureWeb allows Noel Leeming Group to securely manage web access for all its users.

The result

Combined, Gen-i Safecom SecureWeb and Secure User VPN services have eased the security workload of Noel Leeming Group’s ICT team, while improving the service it delivers to end-users.

SecureWeb has relieved the retailer of the task of managing web access and enabled the company to reduce cost by outsourcing this vital function. This has allowed Noel Leeming Group to reduce its server fleet and save on software licences.

With Secure User VPN, remote workers can now easily and securely access the company’s network from anywhere in the world using the same log-in and password they would at the office.

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