Gateway Magazine, March 2012, Issue 14

By: Gateway Church  05-Apr-2012

Welcome to the March edition of the gateway magazine.
By now Jo Peart our previous editor will be revelling in the joys of having a new-born. Congratulations to her and Jono!

I am an avid reader and lately i have been reading the biography of Steve Jobs – Founder of Apple. One of Jobs’ business mantras was to maintain focus. For Apple that meant deciding what they were going to produce and doing it well rather than diversifying and producing a myriad
of products.

As we head into March most things have started back up at Gateway and many areas are still in need of a helping hand. Maybe it is time for us to be a little like Apple and decide where our focus is going to be for 2012, be it leading a small group or being on the worship team or maybe being involved in some of the activities outlined in this edition of the magazine.

Ecclesiastes 9:10a says “whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”

We hope that as you read some of the stories you may be inspired and find somewhere that your hand might be just the thing that is needed to further the kingdom and community that we live in.