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GASP is a wireless broadband internet service that does not require an additional phoneline, is always on and works at speeds of up to 3 megabits per second. It works for Mac or PC, with multiple users and doesn't require a separate Telco service. GASP uses wireless technology so you don't need to have messy cables restricting your working environment. GASP is already in use by businesses in your area and can be installed quickly and efficiently to suit your needs. What's more, there are no traffic limits for GASP business customers so there are no excess charges or surprise bills at the end of the month.

Unlimited Accounts

A good option for businesses with:


Std monthly charge (ex GST):

Monthly megabyte allowance:

1-3 computers accessing the web




3-5 computers connecting at high speed




5-10 networked computers, web streaming and hosting




Medium/large networks of up to 20 computers




* A one off installation cost of $99 is additional to monthly charges and equipment may be also required. Costs available on inspection of site.

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Keywords: Broadband Internet, Broadband Internet Service, Computers, Internet Service, Multiple Users, Wireless Broadband, Wireless Broadband Internet

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GASP Unlimited: Want a fast broadband connection to upload or download files, have multiple users, play video, music, movies & games. GASP Roaming: Already have a broadband connection with GASP and would like a roaming connection on their laptop. Want to have a fast connection that is always on, for high speed internet, email and games.



For businesses that want an ultra fast connection solution, GASP is available through the fibre optic network.



GASP residential is available in two different packages -GASP Everyday is for people who simply want to use the internet for surfing and email and such things.GASP Unlimited is for people who can't help but fill their hard drives and don't want to have to worry about excess megabyte charges or being slowed down. Want a fast broadband connection to upload or download files, have multiple users, play video, music, movies & games.