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By: Gao Research  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Telephony, Data Compression, Fax Over Ip

GAO offers systems designers and engineers a complete VoIP packaged solution, which includes modules for fax and data over IP. This reduces development time and time to market. The typical components of an IP Telephony System are User Interface, Voice Processing, Network Protocols, Network Management, and System Services.

Voice Processing
Call Discrimination Detection of a voice, fax, or data call so that it can be switched to the appropriate functional module.
Digital network echo cancellation according to G.168
Voice connections are almost entirely one-way. GAO VoIP software halves the transmission bandwidth by recognizing the periods when a party is silent and ceasing transmission during those periods. Comfort noise generation is also provided
Tone Detection/Generation
AGC adaptively controls the dynamic range of a speech signal without amplifying the noise between words and phrases.
Speech Vocoder (audio codecs) Any of GAO's speech codecs can be chosen from , , , , ,
Fax Processing
T38 fax over IP software allows the transfer of facsimile documents in real-time between two standard Group3 facsimile (G3 fax) terminals over the Internet or other networks using IP protocols. It is fully compliant with ITU-T T.38 fax relay specification.
V.17, V.29, V.27ter, V.21 Ch.2 Fax Data Pump
Packet Transmission and Control
Lost packet detection and reconstruction GAO VoIP products detect when packets are lost and reconstructs them either by repeating information in subsequent frames or using an upper layer protocol, i.e. TCP
Jitter buffer management and sequencing Packets are stored in a jitter buffer and sequenced so that the slower packets can catch up to the conversation.
Packet protocol The Packet Protocol module receives signaling information that has been interpreted by the Telephony Processing module and converts it from the telephony signaling protocols to the specific packet signaling protocol that is used to set up connections over the data network. It also adds appropriate protocol headers to both voice and signaling packets before transmission.
Modem Unit
V.90, V.34 Modem Data Pump
V.44 Data Compression
V.42 Error Correction
Network Protocols and Management

IP telephony can yield big cost savings to both corporations and consumers. Because information travels in discrete packets, it does not need to rely on a continuously available switched circuit; consequently, it is very bandwidth-efficient and cost-effective. IP telephony commonly takes as little as one-twelfth the bandwidth of the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to transmit conversations.

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Keywords: Data Compression, Error Correction, Fax Over Ip, Ip Software, Modem Data Pump, Telephony,

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T.38 Fax relay protocol (T38 FoIP protocol

GAO's re-entrant implementation is optimized for multi-channel support on a single DSP. The "spoofing" function is included to prevent jitter, delay or lost packets.


V.92 Modem Software (V.92 soft modem, V.92 softmodem

By employing pulse code modulation in the upstream direction, V.92 supplies a data rate of up to 48kbps ?a significant improvement over V.90 which uses quadrature amplitude modulation , the same upstream modulation as V.34, for a maximum speed of 33.6kbps. The shortened start-up time is accomplished by buffering information on past connections then, when a match is found, handshaking can immediately begin at a previously negotiated rate.


V.90 Modem Software (V.90 soft modem, V.90 softmodem

Because most users are not digitally connected to the CO, an analog to digital conversion and the associated quantization noise cannot be avoided in the upstream direction. There is a clear digital connection downstream from the ISP's modem to the CO's line card that serves the user and contains a digital to analog converter.


G3 Fax (Group 3 Fax) Software

V.34, V.17, V.29, V.27ter, V.21 Channel 2, T.30.