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By: Gail Taylor Energy Works  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Soul Paintings

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I have been following my passion of Painting for many years.
NOW, all my skills & abilities nurtured throughout my Life, have, with seemingly effortless accomplishment, manifested into “Paintings for the Soul”, bringing me a sense of Joy & Fulfilment like never before.
Through this Oneness with Spirit, I am experiencing an expansion of my true being on all levels enabling me to be a clear channel for the requirements of these beautiful Soul Paintings —I am simply the willing vessel for Spirit, who lovingly presents me with the Spiritual guidance- the Titles, Descriptions, Colours and appropriate energies for each creation.


It is a great honour to co-create A PERSONAL SOUL PAINTING for yourself or as a gift for a Loved One. A good photograph is required for connection. The channelled, energetic imprint is aligned with the Energies & Soul’s purpose of the one receiving the painting, assisting them along their Life’s Path, awakening their Divine Potential, healing certain aspects of One's self & expanding their experience of Love.
These are uniquely yours & are proving a popular & treasured gift as well as being very affordable.
Again, those of the Heavenly Realms, our Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters, step forward to encode into the SOUL PAINTING, the energies that Management desire to manifest abundantly within their workspace, allowing all to flow with Ease & Grace


I am richly blessed to be a dedicated, intuitive Healing Channel for the Christed Energies of the Ascended Masters & the Cosmic & Galactic Realms. Working with the Highest Integrity, the appropriate energies are transmitted through my Hands & my Voice [in the form of the Language of Light—Light, Colour & Sound Vibrations & Symbols, as in Reiki], assisting the Clients Healing & accelerating their ability to step forward into the Fullness of their Power on all Levels—Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual, enabling their bodies to hold greater Love & Light within their cellular structure. I am invited to work with people of all ages, from Babies through to the Elderly. I have worked successfully with Animals as well. I offer Long Distance Healing when required. The results, from the Subtle to the Profound, leave the client with a sense of Peace, Mental Clarity, and Increased Energy & Upliftment.


I have stepped forward in dedicated service to all that is for the Highest good for Humanity & Mother Earth. I am eternally grateful to the wonderful Teachers who have come into my Life at the perfect time- “When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear.” As part of the great healing of Earth Mother & Humanity, I am now regularly guided to hold specialised, High Energy, Spiritual Growth Workshops, bringing through the Christed Energies of the Ascended Masters & the Cosmic & Galactic Realms for specific purpose—”This is a time of Great change & it is our desire to assist Humanity to evolve to its fullest potential” - They wish also “….to bring through all the energies to assist our physical vehicle during this cycle, asour physical structure evolves from density to Lightness of BEing” & our Hearts continue to heal, expand & experience that which we truly are - Multi Dimensional BEings. We are, Divine Love, We are, Perfection of Divinity.

So WE—Humanity, are being invited to raise our own vibrations & live a “Conscious” Life, helping to restore Balance to all that is.


The Gift that keeps on Giving…for a Friend or Loved One. What a beautiful way to say “Thank you” or “With Love from.” These Gift Certificates are available for redemption at a value you nominate. There is no use by date. The only guidelines are those required by Law & set out within the Terms & Conditions page under Gift Certificate Policy.

Keywords: Soul Paintings

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