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By: Furleydigital  06-Dec-2011

What topics should you address in your IT Annual Report, and how should you structure your document? Your IT Annual Report is intended to highlight achievements, and to outline plans for the future. However, you also want to give your readers a sense of the scale of IT activity, show the human face of theā€¦

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You can be quickly posting short, useful video content on your specialty, company news, or training material on new products. Just grab a cheap digital camcorder, a willing helper or two, and apply a liberal dose of imagination. Simple Do-It-Yourself video content is proving a very powerful way to engage employees.


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Hear about the massive impact that web video is having on innovation in this thought provoking TED presentation. Your staff could waste hours watching pointless videos of piano playing cats.


Strategic Insight

They bring the features of Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Youtube and similar consumer products to the collaborative business world, but work behind the firewall with company user directories, analytics and content management systems. Enterprise social networking products specifically built for business use are starting to make a real impression in some of our larger organisations.


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In some organisations persuading management to approve your proposal is not easy.