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By: Funambol  06-Dec-2011
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Open source provides Funambol customers and users with many benefits

A specific benefit is that the worldwide Funambol open source developer community continuously uses and tests Funambol software on the latest mobile phones and devices, such as iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. As they have access to its source code, the community is able to make code-level suggestions to improve the software, and in many instances, they enhance the software directly and contribute it for everyone to use. This community involvement enables Funambol to support many more mobile devices more quickly than proprietary solutions, which is a major advantage.

Another benefit is that Funambol commercial customers receive full access to the Funambol source code. Although it is possible to receive source code for proprietary solutions, the difference with open source software such as Funambol is that the software has been designed, coded and documented from its onset to be used by a broad community of technical people. This means that all of the tools and processes to build and maintain the software are documented, the software has been vetted by hundreds or thousands of people outside of the core development team, and more. The result is that the Funambol solution is imminently flexible and extensible for a wide range of needs. Customers are not limited to just using a set of APIs as with proprietary solutions.

Keywords: Mobile Devices, Mobile Phones, Open Source Developer, Open Source Software,

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ICloud has created a major market opportunity for mobile service providers to offer their own cloud digital locker that stores and syncs user data and content. Apple promises that iCloud will 'just work' to make users' lives better by allowing them to transparently access their data and media across any Apple device.


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It is also built on open source that provides several benefits, including the greatest device compatibility, flexibility, risk reduction and value. Funambol mobile cloud PIM sync is an industrial-strength solution that syncs PIM data on a wide range of mobile phones and connected devices. Funambol mobile cloud PIM sync is based on the OMA DS standard that is built into more than one billion mobile phones.