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By: Full Potential Services  05-Apr-2012
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On a trip through Europe with my Daughter, Rachel I was taken by the many great portals, passageways and paths which seem to be before us everywhere we went. The portals were present in the doors, archways and entrances to the great architectural structures and ancient cathedrals; the passageways appeared through side alleys in a labyrinth of corridors, hallways and walkways between buildings; the paths led through parks and gardens, along rivers and across bridges. Together they created an almost magical setting from which to explore, not only the majestic cities and mystical countrysides but, more importantly, to begin a journey through the heart and soul of what matters most on our excursion to excellence in every aspect of life.

As you review your journey to the peaks and mountaintops of peace of mind, personal achievement and professional fulfillment, consider the following:

Portals. Portals represent the big decisions in life. They are momentous indeed and should be approached with great care. Stepping through the portal of choosing a college, picking a career, marrying the person of your dreams, moving to a new city, changing careers, starting a new business, ending a bad relationship - all of these are examples of important portals in our lives. We should always approach portals with respect for the challenge and the significance of the choice, but never with fear and trepidation. Some portals cannot be anticipated and seem to appear from out of thin air to present a new challenge or opportunity. It is also important to recognize that it is NEVER a good idea to hang around portals. Lingering is a trap which creates uncertainty and ultimately leads to poor choices. When presented with a portal, assess, decide, then move on. If the portal is not right for you, get going! If it is right for you, get going faster and go through it! Once through the portal don't hang around the door, continue to move forward. If you are looking back or lingering just inside you will miss the opportunity the portal contains. There are times when you need to get out of a portal, which is fine and to be expected, just recognize that the way out is not to go back, but to continue to move forward and a new portal will appear.

Passageways. Passageways require strategy and the ability to navigate your way through, over and around obstacles, challenges or opportunities. Passageways are best represented in our goals and how we plan and how we execute that plan. I continue to be convinced that the best way to navigate the passageways of life and business is in 90-day frames. It is a long enough period of time that you can achieve something significant and yet short enough to be strategic with the necessary urgency to act now. Whether steering your way along a career-goal passageway, or navigating your way, like the mariner, through the twisting tides and jagged rocks of an important relationship passageway - you are in control and the results will reflect the choices you have made. The nature of passageways is that they require you to plan first then adapt your plan to deal with current conditions and ever-present unexpected. Passageways always take you somewhere - there is simply no standing still, no waiting it out and no hoping your current plateau will be good enough. Because passageways lead to new and often unfamiliar places, many put off starting, in hopes of something new coming along to create more certainty for the journey. Pace is also important for passageways as traveling too fast may lead to costly mistakes in navigation or sap needed energy for the long-haul; while traveling too slow may cause you to miss important rendezvous with people, opportunities and even a date with destiny. Remember strategic thinking, planning and preparation will guide you through the passageways ahead.

Paths. Paths are simply the WAY you travel. Paths seem so simple, yet they are significantly deep and important to your ability to arrive at your desired destination. What is your WAY of traveling? Here are some WAYS which will make the journey easier, better and more fulfilling. The path of integrity is a WAY of traveling - it is how you roll, (as my teenagers would say). Other paths which drive your WAY of travel could include: Excellence, Health, Service, Financial Security, Honesty, True Friend, Innovative, Fun, Humor, Listener, Catalyst, Change Agent, just to name a few. These paths are really a reflection of the principles, values or character traits which are most important to you. The challenge for most people is that they have never taken the time to write down their path or way of living. By writing them down, and I would encourage you to write a specific definition for each one, you will be able to instantly assess where you are and what you are doing. In other words you will be able to determine if your current actions are in harmony or are congruent with the principles values, and character traits you have chosen as your path or way of traveling. For example: If Health is something I have determined is vital to my path and I am sitting at home at night, eating my fifth slice of deep-dish pizza, watching my second movie of the night and waiting for the third helping of cake and ice cream - it is very clear that I am not living my path and need to change my behavior to be congruent with my path. If you don't know how you roll, you will roll into bad places and spaces and get rolled over by prevailing trends, opinions or the actions of others. Knowing your path will provide you the confidence you need to successful travel through any portal or passageway.

Portals, passageways and paths. Take time this week to evaluate your journey and what needs to happen for you to turn your travel into the adventure of a lifetime and ultimately into an odyssey of success. Happy traveling!

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