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By: Full Potential Services  05-Apr-2012
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Are high performers enthusiastic?

Paul Meyer has had many years of recruiting and coaching experience and he has found that high performers always find jobs the fastest and easiest. While enthusiasm may not have been specified on the performance appraisal, they most certainly had characteristics of excitement and enthusiasm for their chosen career.

Is staff retention the key?

Online Executive Search Ltd carried out their annual The New Zealand Staff Turnover Survey recently. The national average turnover for the year ending 31 December 2009 was found to be 16.5%. Down from 22.4% in 2008.

What are the four ingredients for Enthusiasm to exist?

1 Curiosity

2 Interest

3 Knowledge

4 Belief

While they say curiosity killed the cat, it never killed enthusiasm. Try being enthusiastic for something you are not curious about first.

It is commonly accepted that everyone is unique. After Paul's 40 years of business and working experience with a variety of cultures and diverse industries, he finds people who are enthusiastic about life and work have gained greater knowledge about what they are interested in. Knowledge is power, they say!

When the first person set foot on the moon over 40 years ago, no one had been enthusiastic about space travel. Now there are enthusiasts who want to travel into space because they believe space travel is possible and safe.

To learn about the four ingredients for enthusiasm engage a professional speaker on the subject who is passionate about life. Enthusiasm is that quality that gives courage to conquer fears.

How can you measure enthusiasm?

Very carefully!

Because enthusiasm has a number of ingredients , it may be measured from such things as your genes, your conditioning, your education, your experiences or perhaps your communication and people encounters. The characteristics are diverse. It has been said that when you have a feeling of excitement or are overflowing with eager enjoyment or approval, you are enthusiastic.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the renowned American philosopher said:
"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm".

prmeyer.com enthuser
"get enthused in a flash!"

What are people saying about Paul Meyer?

"Paul's enthusiasm and passion is contagious! Every business could do with an injection of enthusiasm to motivate you and your team.

I would recommend Paul to any organisation looking to inspire their team to greater heights and have fun while you are doing it."

Philip Morrison, CA
Franchise Accountants Testimonials are everywhere - even on Facebook!

"I can't recommend Paul Meyer highly enough. I've never met a more sincere and enthusiastic man in all my life. He's brilliant!"

Kerry Chalmers, Insurance Adviser
IBG Insurance Enthusiasm in Branding is Important

"All of us respond more enthusiastically and willingly when we feel appreciated and believe the relationship we have with a person or provider has depth and understanding."

Hannah Samuels
Author of Reputation Branding
Marketing Director enthusiastic about results

"Rosemary attended the Auckland Executive Club recently where Paul presented on "Injecting Profits with Enthusiasm!" When asked how this was received, she said: "It always delights me how enthusiastic people become after hearing Paul speak. That night I had two people come up to me for further information on how they could engage the services of





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