Are you solar powered (enthused) to give referrals as the norm? // Paul Meyer

By: Full Potential Services  05-Apr-2012
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In a recent keynote, Paul demonstrated how the solar energy within you can convert you into a referral machine.

He shared how you could






isten and


cquire skills to make giving business


eferrals a natural trait

It becomes the norm when you understand









This is what Carolina De Armas of Dot Design Ltd said: "Paul's presentation was full of spirit, enthusiasm and good guidance."

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Are you putting off making a decision?

How enthusiastic you are about a matter often dictates how decisive you are about it. Are you enthusiastic about putting the rubbish out?

In 'The Naked Career', a popular publication authored by Paul Meyer and Stephen Conway, it reads: "The important thing to remember is all decisions are based on information at any given time. Often there becomes a point where it is no longer practical to gather more information and a decision simply must be made. Ensure that decisions take into account the outcome for results for the action taken. Usually once an important decision is made, the relief of making the decision helps you to move forward."

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The JOY of business:
Juggling Opportunities for Yield

All in a day's work!

"Enthusiasm plays a huge part in word of mouth marketing. You never know where the next prospect might be found.

Recently, when Paul Meyer was introduced as a speaker the announcer mentioned that Paul had been a Health and Safety Advisor for three years. Unbeknown to Paul, in the audience was a business person who needed help with a health and safety matter and they needed information urgently to secure a large contract under tender.

With Paul's vast networks, developed systematically over time, he was able to make a speedy and appropriate introduction. Paul referred them to a professional that he trusted in his BNI network, who was experienced in the field of Health and Safety.

The enthusiasm of a true business networker is never at rest. This was the perfect qualified referral to a Health and Safety Consultant, so they could enthuse, embrace and engage this new prospect.

The result? A happy service provider and a delighted member of Paul's audience who received help that very same day. All in a day's work for The Enthuser, Paul Meyer.

If you think you are too small to be effective you have never been to bed with a mosquito!

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