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By: Fujiair  06-Dec-2011

Other features include

  • Innovative airflow output design with washable and detachable front panel
  • High cooling capacity and heating capability with low energy consumption
  • Energy and power saving while in “Sleep” mode
  • Easy timer control
  • Prominent Mirror-display panel
  • Auto-operation of wind-door (front panel)
  • Crystal-Blue Nm-photo catalyst Deodorant Function
  • LCD Remote Controller
  • Washable Filter
  • Active charcoal Filter
  • Crystal-blue Nm-Photo catalyst deodorant screen
  • HEPA Filter
  • Four fan speeds
  • Five working modes; Cool / Heat/ Fan / Dehumidify / Auto
  • Vertical Auto Swing Louver
  • Horizontal Manual Louver
  • Smart Function ( Auto mode )
  • Anti cold air preventive function
  • L.E.D display (temperature) on indoor unit

These models are highly efficient having a Rated EER of 3.84 for the 2.6 kW model and 3.4 for the 3.5 kW model.

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