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By: Fresh  05-Apr-2012

Kato’s cool creations | | Fresh.co.nzFresh.co.nz

Am loving the new look Kato sauce and dressings range, although admittedly already a huge fan of their Hollandaise sauce pouch. Kato have cottoned onto the fact us foodies love their creations. So much so, we want to keep it for another day. So they’ve introduced a fancy new twist top closeable pouch plus a fancy new orange logo (which makes us think of Mitre 10 Mega for some reason!)

For years, Kato has been creating chef-inspired foods known for their quality and taste. Chefs around the world know only too well, that a good food dish is only made amazing by the perfect finishing touch.

Now with a fresh new look, Kato’s New Sauces and Dressings have built upon their already stellar reputation, by unveiling refined and enhanced chef-inspired recipes to sauces and dressings in their range – with the welcome addition of a few new goodies!

Kato’s new range lets you give your food the finishing touches it needs to really impress your guests. With easy to use spout packaging and jars – these fresh, chef-inspired accompaniments are perfect for giving your dish a sensational taste hit every time. Let Kato be the chef in your kitchen while you enjoy entertaining.

Kato’s new range includes:


Now in a convenient serving size pouch, these sauces are a great addition to every meal. With the already well known Kato Hollandaise and Kato Béarnaise, comes the addition of a delectable Malabar Peppercorn Sauce and a Lite Hollandaise for a healthier option.  Great for barbecues and absolutely divine when drizzled over fresh seasonal veggies.


These dressings have been invigorated with delicious new recipes and exciting new flavours full of the freshest ingredients, Kato dressings are a must for salads this summer. With Creamy Caesar, Classic Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard and Aged Balsamic, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Nothing quite compares to freshly-made mayo and aioli made with real eggs and fine oils. Getting that taste, texture balance quite right can be tricky. Kato has made it even easier to enjoy fresh tasting dips and spreads with their unique range of aioli and mayonnaise, available in jars and now deli-fresh tubs.

KATO SAUCES                                  RRP $4.69 EACH
KATO DRESSINGS                            RRP $4.69 EACH

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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