G-G-Gorgeous Girl Guide Biscuits

By: Fresh  05-Apr-2012

Guide Biscuit season has kicked off (March 1st) and for many, these tasty treats are a highlight of the year! But even though you buy them for that delicious, crunchy, vanilla (and chocolate) taste – when you buy Guide biscuits, you’re buying a lot more than just a biscuit.

What you’re really buying is the future of New Zealand women. GirlGuiding NZ relies on Guide biscuit sales for over half its annual funds, which it uses to give Kiwi girls the chance to learn valuable skills and gain invaluable memories to last a lifetime.

In January this year, GirlGuiding NZ held a huge jamboree for over 2300 Guides and Rangers, who came together in Rotorua for a week of adventure, arts, science, team activities, water activities, culture, skill-learning and community service.

The girls also worked on ways to lend their voice to the international GirlGuiding ‘Stop the Violence’ campaign – 10 million Girl Guides speaking out against violence towards women and girls internationally.

Through events and activities like these, GirlGuiding NZ gives girls a chance to make friends all over the country, learn how to share and work as a team, growing and empowering young women who will be positive agents of change in New Zealand (and the world!),” says Sonia Faulkner, National President of GirlGuiding NZ.

So when you bite into that crunchy, creamy, vanilla biscuit and when you nibble around that iconic trefoil, remember, what you’re eating is not actually ‘just a biscuit’.

Guide Biscuits are on sale now – by Girl Guides – in three delicious varieties: Original, Choc and Mini Chocs, so look out for them in your neighbourhood or check out your local Mad Butcher or Postie store.

Call 0800 22 22 92 or go to guidebiscuits.co.nz to find out more.

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