A balanced belly is a good belly

By: Fresh  05-Apr-2012

With families’ busy schedules and the increased availability of convenience meals and fast foods, there is not enough time to prepare a whole nutritious meal with the correct natural roughage. Fibre can be lacking in our children’s diets making it difficult for them to benefit from a balanced nutritional regime.

Lifestream BowelBiotics+ for Kids is a totally natural supplement scientifically formulated for children between the ages of 4-12 years. It may promote healthy bowel functions in children that suffer from digestive upsets, experienced periods of stress, have gone through a course of antibiotics or are not receiving enough fibre in their diets.

The main ingredients that make Lifestream BowelBiotics+ for Kids an effective additive for children is the unique blend of fibre, prebiotics and probiotics that are designed to help keep bowels healthy. The natural fibres in oat bran concentrate, xanthan, acacia, guar gums and psyllium husks are gentle sources included to help ensure regular bowel movements. Lifestream BowelBiotics+ for Kids also includes inulins (prebiotics) which help increase the amount of friendly bacteria in the bowel. An abundance of friendly bacteria (probiotics) in the bowel is important for digestive and immune health. Lifestream BowelBiotics+ for Kids contains a unique blend of seven probiotic cultures that have been shown to have particular relevance for children.

HEALTHY & YUMMY TIP: Lifestream BowelBiotics+ for Kids are available in powder and can be consumed anytime but for convenience it should be taken 20 minutes before a meal. Add one heaped teaspoon of powder (5g) to half a glass of water or diluted fruit juice.

For a more exciting mix, add Lifestream BowelBiotics+ for Kids into cereals, milk shakes or yoghurts and children will be getting the fibres they need while enjoying a delicious treat!


*100% vegetarian; free from sugars, wheat, phytate and contains no GM ingredients. It may contain traces of soya and milk products.

Only to be administered by adults. Always read the label and use as directed.  TAPS PP1918

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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