SousVideMagic PID sous vide controller

By: Fresh Meals Solutions  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Slow Cookers, Water Immersion

SousVideMagic is an enabling control device designed to turn rice cookers, slow cookers and other suitable cookers and resistive heaters into sous vide baths (aka constant temperature baths). It uses advanced PID (i.e., Propoertional, Integral and derivative) logic, fast-acting thermistor sensing and waterproof technology to instantly turn  ordinary "dumb" cookers into "smart" high precision sous vide cookers required for professional sous vide cooking.

When comparing SVM with other sous vide appliances, despite its versatility, it also performs better in terms of temperature stability and accuracy; This is possible  because of the use of our  "true" water immersion sensing technology. 

This is the most popular sous vide controller used by ten of thousands of users throughout the whole world since December 2007.

Keywords: Slow Cookers, Water Immersion

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SousVideMagic Temperature Controller

SousVideMagic™ TM-1500D is a temperature controller with dual display and 0.1 resolution/+- 0.1 accuracy/stability for high precision sous-vide cooking. An adaptor that can convert the SVM power output receptacle to the receptacle of local standard is needed for plugging in your cooker. For international orders outside the North American continent, the SVM US power cord can be included.


SVM/FMM SousVide Combo - Free Int. Shipping

With this combo, anyone, anywhere can start sous vide cooking immediately with the addition of a locally acquired air pump and a pot. FreshMealsMagic is the world’s first submersion heater and air circulator developed specifically for professional sous vide cooking. This is the most popular sous vide combo package designed for the international market. This package does not include the pot and air pump to save on shipping costs.