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By: Frenger Systems  05-Apr-2012
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Frenger manufactures and supplies multiservice chilled beams (MSCBs). These integrated building services units provide flexible space conditioning that can be tailored in terms of appearance and the services provided, in order to meet specific project requirements. In this way they help to create attractive, comfortable and productive working environments.

MSCBs can utilise either active or passive “Radiant” chilled beam technologies. The cooling unit is integrated into a perforated architectural casing with central or side-mounted lighting, and then are tested and delivered to site for mechanical and electrical connection.

A full range of building services can be incorporated within Frenger multiservice chilled beams (MSCBs), including:

  • cooling & heating
  • fresh air supply
  • uplighting, downlighting and emergency lighting and multi-sensors (PIR and Photocell for daylight linking)
  • BMS sensors, control valves & condensation detectors
  • fire alarms and sprinkler systems
  • acoustic insulation
  • pipework, ductwork & compartmental trunking

Bringing several services together in an integrated MSCB unit means that the physical dimensions of the unit can be optimised, to enable use in spaces where the floor-to-slab height is minimal. The concept also provides the specifier with a single source of responsibility for the design, supply and integration of all services, ensuring reduced costs and on-site time as all services are prefabricated offsite in a controlled environment and any site connections linking one MSCB to another is a simple matter of plug and play.

MSCBs offer an alternative to the monolithic ceilings that have become commonplace in office developments in the UK and are becomming more popular in Australia, providing attractive yet functional building services installations with visually striking apperacnces. The appearance of each beam can be customised in terms of shape, dimensions, colour and perforation pattern to meet the client’s particular requirements.

Keywords: Chilled Beams

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Passive Chilled Beams & Chilled Ceilings

The Carat unit is a passive “Radiant” chilled beam designed to be installed free-hanging from the soffit and positioned above a perforated metal ceiling system. Unlike traditional finned coil batteries, Carat uses both convective and “Radiant” principles to cool the space, offering exceptionally high levels of comfort.


Frenger Systems :: Technical Facility

Product testing will establish the cooling or heating capacity of the individual product, however it makes no allowance for asymmetrical heat sources (hot or cold perimeter wall), temperature gradients in the space or the effect of the ventilation system. This will necessitate building a ‘mock up’ of the ceiling arrangement, together with the heating / cooling device, appropriate heat loads, lighting, solar gain, air delivery and air extraction.


Frenger Systems :: Active Chilled Beams

Where greater air volumes are being delivered Frenger’s Active Chilled Beam technology untilises patented air chamber design to generate a coanda effect within the chilled beam itself and variable air distribution patterns available such as a fan shape distribution to create a short air throw even with high air volumes.