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By: Freedimensional  06-Dec-2011

freeDimensional is a decentralized organization that recognizes the power of strategic partnerships throughout its work. In order to stay abreast of global issues and instances of censorship, freeDimensional has established regional hubs in New York City, São Paulo, Berlin, Cairo and at two sites in India. Rather than a top-down imposition of values and programs, freeDimensional works with local civil society groups, social movements, arts organizations, schools and independent media outlets to build meaningful grassroots programs. freeDimensional is powered by the energy of its members, many of whom volunteer their time and resources to further its work.

Our Network Support services and activities:

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Distress Services | freeDimensional

Each year, hundreds of culture workers are violently assaulted for pursuing social change through their art forms: as community leaders and role models, they lose their jobs; face arbitrary imprisonment; and are sometimes killed for speaking truth to power.


Creative Safe Haven | freeDimensional

While freeDimensional tries to link activists and culture workers in need to services where applicable, we are not ourselves able to provide direct legal counsel, psycho-social services, or medical assistance. Providing temporary safe haven placements of 3-6 months within artist residency apartments. Providing referrals to academic programs and other funding/human rights institutions.


Resource Mapping | freeDimensional

FreeDimensional adds unique value to the cases it helps through its network of art spaces, themselves centers of knowledge about the resources in their community, and through its ability to interface with human rights organizations that are not always predisposed to respond to culture workers doing activist work.