By: Frametek  06-Dec-2011
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Frametek offer steel frames for the Residential, Commercial and Agricultural markets.  Our products & services include:


  • External / Internal Wall Frames
  • Roof Truss & Joists


  • Internal Wall Framing
  • Roof Battens / Purlins
  • Ceiling Battens
  • Trim Angles and Top Plate


  • Supply of Frames and Trusses
  • Building Design service
  • Plans and specifications
  • Building contracts to any stage you wish:
    • Full contract
    • Lock up shell
    • Kitset
    • Frames and trusses supply and erected
    • Assembled Frames and trusses supply
    • Flat pack (Precut framing and trusses most suitable for remote locations.)



Galvanised Steel framing is lightweight, yet stronger than alternative building materials.  It is easy to use and will not warp, rot, shrink, twist or hold moisture.  The studs and framing are straight, which produces the highest possible finish.


The cost of steel used in the manufacture of steel frames is stable.  This, combined with modern computer production, produces a cost effective product.


Steel frames can be combined with bricks, concrete, timber and most other building materials.  Attaching linings, fixings and fittings to steel is simple and fast using self-drilling, self-tapping fasteners.  They are able to span greater distances, creating larger open spaces and increasing design options. 


Steel does not absorb water or rot, so it is not susceptible to the formation of toxins, algae or mould that could damage your health.  In addition, steel does not contain the hazardous chemicals that are used in the treatment of timber, which are associated with potential health dangers when there is over-exposure.  Steel framing is a much healthier option for builders and associated sub-trades to work with, and creates a healthier long-term living environment for home residents and building occupants.  


The strength and resiliency of steel can withstand the highest wind loads and the strongest earthquakes.  Actual case studies show steel frame buildings have little or no damage to the framing structure following a fire.  In the aftermath of a flood, there are no timely delays waiting for framing to dry before relining. 


Walls, roof and ceilings are straight and true for the lifetime of the building.  Steel is a totally stable material that is not vulnerable to the ravages of time and nature.   

No Movement

Over the lifespan of the building, your frame will resist shrinking, warping or twisting. 

Builder Friendly

Steel frames are both lighter and stronger than wood, making them easier to use.  This means that an experienced builder can save construction time, and that will save you money.

Trade Friendly

Holes are prepunched in the framing, and Frametek supplies grommets to protect the pipes and wires, which makes the work of electricians and plumbers flow seamlessly.

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