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By: Forever Fabulous  05-Apr-2012
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Our style is an outward expression of who we are, how we perceive ourselves or how we want to be perceived. There are elements of personal style that are the expression of the essence of who we truly are, and my thoughts are that these remain constant regardless of age or fashion.

 If you look back over the years at the outfits and clothing you have been attracted to there will be certain elements of these outfits that will be consistent even though fashion has changed and you may have refined your tastes. To me these are the indicators of your inner self and your individuality. It could be colours, or textures, simple lines, plains or patterns, lace and frills, casual or glitzy. Whatever it is there will be something that is ever present in your outfits that ‘speaks to your soul’. These elements are independent of the rules that govern dressing for your body shape, although body-type may influence how you best wear them.

 At times throughout our lives we may lose our way with style and feel uncertain or confused about what our own personal style looks like. This can happen when we have been so busy concentrating completely on family, or perhaps job, business, illness or bereavement that we’ve had little time for ourselves. When this changes and we have time to reassess our lives we can suddenly find we are no longer certain of who we are, how we see ourselves, or how we want to be perceived.

This is where by reconnecting with your inner self you can then begin to redefine yourself and your style. If you feel as if you’ve lost your way with style start to think about what specifics of style have always attracted you, and how those elements can work for you now. Also what activities and interests are you attracted to? How do you like spending your time and what is it specifically that appeals to you? Think about what you loved to do and what gave you a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment and perhaps begin to reconnect with those things.

When you are dressing in complete accord with your inner self you will really feel ‘at home’ in your clothes. To me these are the clothes that combine all the elements that reflect your persona and at the same time take into account the styles that most flatter your physical attributes.

When my sons  were at the point of leaving or had left home we also sold our home and moved to a new country, away from rural life and I was suddenly left with “What now?” This was an opportunity to re-invent myself and to experiment with different styles. Some things worked and some didn’t and won’t be worn again. I’m definitely not a high-heels girl no matter how much I admire them, (I have kept the red patents for ornamental purposes).

Recently I put together an outfit that combined all the elements that really worked for me. At last I felt as though I had stepped back into myself, I felt  happy in my own skin and with the outfit I was wearing.With that came a feeling of freedom and confidence.

So it seems to me that when you are truly connected to your inner self you will have the confidence to own your own style, feel comfortable with the outfits you choose and be less influenced by the vagaries of fashion.

And if you want you can always employ the services of a stylist to help give you the direction you’re looking for!

“Fashion fades. Style is eternal”.- Yves Saint Laurent

Keywords: Life Coaching, Outfits

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Forever Fabulous – Life Coaching

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